Batzal Yarok

Batzal Yarok (Hebrew: בצל ירוק (lit. Green Onion) was an Israeli theatre and entertainment troupe founded in 1957 by ex-members of the IDF army ensemble, Lahakat Hanahal.[1]


Among those who wrote songs for the group was Sasha Argov.[2] It was one of the most well-known entertainment troupes in Israel in the late 1950s and early 1960s.[3] One of the founding members of Batzal Yarok was Uri Zohar.[4]Chaim Topol performed with the group from 1960 to 1964.[5] Ephraim Kishon wrote several satirical skits for Batzak Yarok.[6]Naomi Shemer wrote the texts for the first performance of Batzal Yarok in 1957. Her song Zamar Noded (Wandering Troubadour) was also written for the troupe.[7]


  • Shmor Al HaGvul (Guard the Border) - This show was produced by the founders of the troupe before the end of their military service
  • 1957: Kvisat HaRash (The Poor Man's Laundry) - A pun with the Hebrew words Kvisa (Laundry) and Kivsa (Sheep), referencing the biblical parable employed by Nathan the Prophet to condemn the relationship between David and Bathsheba.
  • 1958: Hop Avarnu (Hop! We Moved)
  • 1959: Af Mila LeMorgenstein (Not a Word to Morgenstein) - This show became the basis for a movie with the same name, filmed in 1963.
  • 1959: Ve... Shalosh Nekudot! (And ... Three Points!)
  • 1960: Chatul BaSak (Cat in the Sack).

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