Battle of the San Gabriels

The Battle of the San Gabriels was an 1839 skirmish in the Texas–Indian wars.

Battle of the San Gabriels
Part of The Texas–Indian wars
Date17 May 1839
29°44′56.3712″N 97°52′10.05″W
Result Texian victory
 Republic of Texas  Mexico
Various Indians
Commanders and leaders
Lt. James Rice Manuel Flores
San Gabriels Battlefield
Location within Texas

The battle began on 17 May 1839. A company of Texas Rangers under Lt. James O. Rice had pursued the Mexican agent Manuel Flores and his party of Mexicans and Indians, following their murder of four surveyors working between Seguin and San Antonio, Texas. Battle was commenced on the north San Gabriel River, after the 2 day pursuit. In the first charge, Flores was killed and his company fled, abandoning a supply train intended to equip the Indians of East Texas for a revolt against the Texians. In the captured baggage, Rice discovered letters between Flores and Vicente Córdova as well as instructions from Mexican general Valentín Canalizo, detailing the Córdova Rebellion. These letters contradicted The Bowl's previous denials of involvement with Córdova's revolt and led to the Cherokee War.

A marker was placed near the site in 1936.[1]

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