Battle of Yultong

The Battle of Yultong (Korean: 율동 전투, Filipino: Labanan sa Yuldong/Labanan sa Tulay ng Yuldong),[6] also known as the Battle of Meiluodong (Chinese: 美罗洞战斗; pinyin: Měiluódòng Zhàndòu), was a battle of the Korean War. It was fought between elements of the Chinese People's Volunteer Army 44th Division and the Filipino 10th Battalion Combat Team (BCT), north of Yeoncheon during April 2223, 1951.[7]

Battle of Yultong
Part of the Korean War
DateApril 2223, 1951
Yultong (presently part of Yeoncheon), South Korea
Result Filipino victory[1]
Commanders and leaders
Dionisio S. Ojeda[2] Xiang Shouzhi[3]
Units involved
10th Battalion Combat Team, PEFTOK 44th Division, PVA[4]
Casualties and losses
12 killed
38 wounded
6 missing[5]
500+ killed
2 captured[5]

As part of the First Chinese Spring Offensive, the Chinese 44th Division attacked the US 65th Infantry Regiment of the US 3rd Infantry Division near Yeoncheon on the night of April 22.[4] The Filipino 10th BCT, part of the 65th Infantry Regiment,[2] was soon trapped at the Yultong area by 23:00.[6] Although the 10th BCT had lost all contacts with the outside world, the Filipinos held their position until the Chinese stopped their attacks on the morning of April 23.[6] The 10th BCT's action at Yultong allowed the US 3rd Infantry Division to successfully withdraw from the battlefield and later turned the tide of the Korean War.[6]


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