Battle of Tullich

The Battle of Tullich, in 1652, also known as the Battle of the Pass near Tullich was part of the Royalist rising of 1651 to 1654 in Scotland, which itself was part of the Wars of the Three Kingdoms.


Scottish royalist forces who supported William Cunningham, 9th Earl of Glencairn fought against an English parliamentarian force under the command of Robert Lilburne who were loyal to the English Commonwealth. The Scottish royalists were mainly from Clan Cameron who were under the command of their chief, Ewen Cameron of Lochiel. The royalists were the first to retreat, however the parliamentarians also retreated soon after.[1][lower-alpha 1]


  1. In 2000 Ian Mitchell dedicated his book On the Trail of Queen Victoria in the Highland "to the Unknown Soldiers of Cromwell's Republic who fell in the Battle of Tullich near Ballater in 1654, overcoming bands of Royalist bandits under Locheil. Will we see their like again?" (Mitchell 2000, Dedication)


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