Battle of Mulayda

The Battle of Mulayda was the last major battle during the period of the Second Saudi State. Following problems over Zakat and the arrest of the Rashidi leader, Ibn Sabhan, the Rashidis planned to end the Saudi State and conquer both Qassim region and Riyadh. The Rashidis and their Arab clan allies successfully ended the Second Saudi State, and forced the House of Saud led by Abdul Rahman bin Faisal and their allies to flee.[1]

Battle of Mulayda
Date24 January 1891
Qassim region, (in today's Saudi Arabia)
Result Rashidi victory
End of Second Saudi State
Rashidi State
Arab clans (Shammar and Harb) and Dhafeer and Al-Muntafiq
Second Saudi State
The forces of Al-Qassim
Arab clans (Mutair and Otaiba)
Commanders and leaders
Muhammed ibn Rashid Hassan ibn Muhanna
Zamil ibn Sulaym
27,000 24,000
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown


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