Battle of Mecca (1924)

Battle of Mecca took place in Mecca, in what is now known today as Saudi Arabia, following the fall of Ta'if to King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud in his campaign to conquer the Kingdom of Hejaz. King Hussein bin Ali fled from Mecca to Jeddah, leaving behind a cache of weapons in the Qishla of Mecca which were recovered by Saudi forces. The battle in Mecca resulted in Hashemite defeat to Saudis and the allied Ikhwan.

Battle of Mecca
Part of Saudi conquest of Hejaz
Result Sultanate of Nejd Victory
Sultanate of Nejd Kingdom of Hejaz
Commanders and leaders
Abdulaziz Ibn Saud
Sultan bin Bajad
Hussein bin Ali
5,000 men 1,000 men[1]
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown number of deaths
5 armored vehicles
1 airplane

Hussein fled again, first to Aqaba and later to Cyprus,[2] declaring his son Ali bin Hussein as the King of Hejaz.

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