Battle of Loch Ryan

The Battle of Loch Ryan was a battle fought on 9/10 February 1307 during the Scottish Wars of Independence near Stranraer on Loch Ryan, Galloway, Scotland.

Battle of Loch Ryan
Part of First War of Scottish Independence
Date9/10 February 1307
near Stranraer, Scotland
Result English victory
Kingdom of Scotland Kingdom of England
Commanders and leaders
Alexander de Brus
Thomas de Brus
Dungal MacDouall
~1000 unknown
Casualties and losses
Heavy Low

King Robert I of Scotland's invasion of his ancestral lands in Annandale and Carrick began in 1307. The Annandale and Galloway invasion force was led by his brothers Alexander de Brus and Thomas de Brus, Malcolm McQuillan, Lord of Kintyre, an Irish sub king and Sir Reginald de Crawford. The force consisted of 1000 men and eighteen galleys. They sailed into Loch Ryan and landed near Stranraer. The invasion force was quickly overwhelmed by local forces, led by Dungal MacDouall, who was a supporter of the Balliols, Comyns and King Edward I of England, and only two galleys escaped. All the leaders were captured. Dungal MacDouall, summarily executed the Irish sub king and Malcolm McQuillan, Lord of Kintyre. Alexander, Thomas and Reginald de Crawford were sent to Carlisle, England, where they were executed. The heads of McQuillan and two Irish chiefs were sent to King Edward I.


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