Battle of Khirbet Al-Joz

The Battle of Khirbet Al-Joz was fought between forces of the Syrian Army and the FSA for control of the town. On 6 October 2012, the FSA launched an attack on the government occupied village of Kherbet Eljoz, near the Turkish border. The FSA took control of the village after a 12-hour-long battle with government forces.[3]

Battle of Khirbet Al-Joz
Part of Idlib Governorate clashes (June 2012–April 2013) (Syrian Civil War)
Date6 October 2012
Result FSA Victory


Free Syrian Army
Commanders and leaders
unknown Abu Baeda
(Kaws al-Nasser Brigade commander)
Abdelwahed Wahud(Army defector)
Units involved
45th Army Regiment unknown
110 soldiers 250 fighters
Casualties and losses
40 killed[1] 9 killed[1]
Total: 50 killed[2]


In June 2011, the Syrian military attacked the town, with 40 tanks in a crackdown against pro-democracy protesters.[4]


Rebel offensive

On 6 October, rebels launched an offensive on the border village Khirbet al-Joz in the Idlib Governorate. The FSA was said to first attacked a government border outpost just west of the village. Which left 3 rebels and 15 government soldiers dead.[5] Fighting later intensified in Khirbet al-Joz itself, as rebels attempted to retake the village. Activists claimed that the rebels had captured a 3-story high water tower in the center of Khirbet al-Joz, after 12 hours of fighting with government forces.[1]

On 7 October, the FSA released a statement indicating that they have taken full control of Khirbet al-Joz and its surroundings.[1] The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the capture and put the number of dead at 40 soldiers, including 5 officers and 9 rebels.


In late October, the Syrian army conducted a series of airstrikes on rebel positions near Khirbet al-Joz.


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