Battle of Happrew

The Battle of Happrew was a skirmish which took place around 20th February 1304, during the First War of Scottish Independence. A chevauchée of English knights, which included Robert de Clifford, William de Latimer and the later Scottish King, Robert the Bruce had been sent south from Dunfermline under Sir John Segrave to locate and capture the rebels Sir William Wallace and Sir Simon Fraser.[1][2]

Battle of Happrew
Part of the First War of Scottish Independence
Happrew, near Peebles, Scotland
Result English victory
Kingdom of Scotland Kingdom of England
Commanders and leaders
Sir William Wallace
Sir Simon Fraser
Sir John Segrave
Sir William de Latimer
Robert the Bruce
Unknown but 50-500 Unknown, but hundreds
Casualties and losses
High Low

Fraser and Wallace escaped.[3]


The action took place in the vicinity of Stobo, near Peebles in the Scottish Borders. Current maps provide locations for Easter Happrew and Wester Happrew. However, the precise location of the skirmish is unknown and the coordinates given are approximate.


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