Battle of Curapalihue

The Battle of Curapalihue (4 April 1817) fought in Chile, was a minor encounter between South American rebels and Spanish royalists, during the South American wars of independence. The result was a defeat for the royalists.

Battle of Curapalihue
Part of the Chilean War of Independence and the Argentine War of Independence
DateApril 4, 1817
Result Patriot victory
United Provinces
Spanish Monarchy
Commanders and leaders
Juan Gregorio de Las Heras Juan José Campillo
600 500 infantry
100 cavalry
Casualties and losses
minimal 10 killed
7 captured


After the defeat of Chacabuco and the capture of Santiago by the Army of the Andes, the royalist forces concentrated around Concepción under Colonel José Ordóñez. General José de San Martín ordered Colonel Juan Gregorio de Las Heras to take command of a division and move south. When Colonel Ordóñez heard of the approach of the patriot army, he decided to stage a surprise night attack against them.

The battle

The Spanish forces, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Juan José Campillo, were composed of 500 infantry and 100 cavalry. They attacked at 1:30 AM, but their surprise was foiled and they had to retreat very soon leaving behind 10 soldiers dead and 7 prisoners, while the patriot forces suffered almost no casualties.


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