Battle of Carrizo Canyon

The Battle of Carrizo Canyon was one of seven battles between Nana's band of Apache warriors and United States Cavalry troops in New Mexico Territory.[1]:174–177 After the death of Victorio in 1880, Nana took over leadership of the band. Other Apaches joined this old warrior's group. On August 12, 1881, Capt. Charles Parker with 18 10th Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers were following Nana's warriors when they were ambushed in Carrizo Canyon.

Battle of Carrizo Canyon
Part of Victorio's War, Apache Wars

An Apache rifleman.
DateAugust 12, 1881
Result United States victory
 United States Apache
Commanders and leaders
Capt. Charles Parker, Sgt.George Jordan Nana (chief)
19 40
Casualties and losses
2 men, 9 horses 4


Parker's small command was pinned down by 40 or more rifles. He ordered veteran Sergeant George Jordan to get to higher ground and fire down upon the Apaches. It was a fierce battle, with both sides suffering casualties. Jordan's small group was attacked but was able to hold their position and allow the troops in the canyon to retreat.[2] The Medal of Honor was awarded Sergeant Thomas Shaw [3] and Sergeant Jordan (who was also cited for his leadership at the Battle of Fort Tularosa [4]


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