Basilisk II

Basilisk II is an emulator which emulates Apple Macintosh computers based on the Motorola 68000 series. The software is cross-platform and can be used on a variety of operating systems.

Basilisk II
Screenshot of Macintosh System Software 7.5.5 and Finder running in Basilisk II
Developer(s)Christian Bauer, Nigel Pearson (OS X port), Gwenole Beauchesne (JIT version)
Initial release1997 (1997)
Stable release
1.0 R5 / March 1, 2006 (2006-03-01)
Operating systemCross-platform
LicenseGNU General Public License

The latest version of Mac OS that can be run within Basilisk II is Mac OS 8.1, the last 680x0-compatible version. Newer Mac OS versions are incompatible because they require a PowerPC-based processor, which Basilisk II cannot emulate. Alpha versions were available from January 1999 with the first non-alpha release in October of the same year.

Ports of Basilisk II exist for multiple computing platforms, including AmigaOS 4, BeOS, Linux, Amiga, Windows NT, Mac OS X, MorphOS and mobile devices such as the PlayStation Portable.

Released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, Basilisk II is free software, and its source code of is available on GitHub.[1]

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