Basilian Aleppian Order

The Basilian Aleppian Order is a religious order of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church. The Latin name of this order is Ordo Basilianus Aleppensis Melkitarum, the French name is Ordre Basilien Alepin, the abbreviation used after the name is B.A.[1]

The order was founded in 1697 in Dhour El Shuwayr by Aleppine monks who arrived from the area of Aleppo to follow the rule of Saint Basil. It was approved in 1710. Between 1824 and 1832 the order split from the main congregation; the Basilian Chouerite Order.

Many prominent bishops are members of the Basilian Alepian Order such as cardinal Gabriel Acacius Coussa (1897-1962), bishop Justin Najmy (1898-1968) and archbishop Hilarion Capucci (1922-2017).[2]

The female branch of the order; the congregation of Basilian Alepian Sisters was founded in 1740.

Currently, the headquarters of the order are located in Sarba, Jounieh, Lebanon.

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