Basic Leader Course

The Basic Leader Course (BLC),[1][2] formerly the Warrior Leader Course (WLC) and Primary Leadership Development Course (PLDC), is the first course of study in the US Army non-commissioned officer Education System (NCOES). BLC is a month-long course that trains specialists and corporals in the fundamentals of leadership.[3] The course curriculum includes instruction in leadership skills, training skills, and war-fighting skills. To graduate, soldiers must pass the following evaluations:

  • Land Navigation (75%)
  • Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) (60%)
  • Physical Fitness Training Evaluation (70%)
  • Individual Training Evaluation (70%)
  • Garrison Leadership Evaluation (70%)
  • Field Leadership Evaluation (70%) (Fully participate in the Situational Training Exercise)

Land Navigation and the APFT have only recently been added back to the list after being considered unit level tasks for several years prior to 2012. PT (Physical Training) evaluation is the ability to conduct a PT session. A passing APFT score is needed to attend BLC, and an APFT will be administered. Also it is broken down in these exams:

  • Army Leadership (written) (70%)
  • Training Management (written) (70%)
  • Warfighting (written) (70%)
  • Garrison Leadership (70%)
  • PT (conducting) (70%)
  • Individual Task Training (70%)
  • Oral Presentation (70%)
  • Army Correspondence (70%)
  • Tactical Leadership (STX) (70%)
  • Drill and Ceremony (70%)

This is current as of FY 2012.

BLC is non-specific to the soldier's Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), and graduates are awarded the NCO Professional Development Ribbon.[4] BLC is no longer worth promotion points unless the soldier receives commandants or distinguished honor grad. The next level of education is Advanced Leader Course (ALC), formerly known as Basic Non-commissioned Officer Course (BNOC).


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