Barton Ministry

The Barton Ministry (Protectionist) was the 1st ministry of the Government of Australia. It was led by the country's 1st Prime Minister, Sir Edmund Barton. The Barton Ministry was formed on 1 January 1901 when Federation took place and Australia became fully independent from the United Kingdom. The ministry was replaced by the First Deakin Ministry on 24 September 1903 following Barton's retirement from Parliament to enter the inaugural High Court.[1]

Barton Ministry

1st Ministry of Australia
Governor-General Lord Hopetoun with first arrangement of newly appointed ministers to the Barton Ministry on 1 January 1901. Sir James Dickson (fifth standing to the left) would be dead nine days later.
Date formed1 January 1901
Date dissolved24 September 1903
People and organisations
Edward VII
Governor-GeneralLord Hopetoun
Lord Tennyson
Prime MinisterSir Edmund Barton
No. of ministers11
Member partyProtectionist
Status in legislatureMinority government (Labour support)
Opposition partyFree Trade
Opposition leaderGeorge Reid
Legislature term(s)1st
SuccessorFirst Deakin Ministry


Minister Portrait Portfolio
  Rt Hon Sir Edmund Barton KC MP
  Hon Alfred Deakin MP
  Hon Sir William Lyne KCMG MP
  Rt Hon Charles Kingston KC MP
  Rt Hon Sir George Turner KCMG MP
  Hon Sir James Dickson KCMG[2]
  Rt Hon Sir John Forrest GCMG MP
  Hon Senator Richard O'Connor KC
  Hon Elliott Lewis[3]
  • Minister without Portfolio (to 23 April 1901)
  Hon Senator James Drake (in Ministry from 5 February 1901)
  Hon Sir Philip Fysh KCMG MP (in Ministry from 23 April 1901)
  • Minister without Portfolio (from 23 April 1901 to 10 August 1903)
  • Postmaster-General (from 10 August 1903)


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  2. Dickson was Premier of Queensland 1898-99. He was intending to seek election to the Commonwealth Parliament but died on 10 January 1901.
  3. Lewis was Premier of Tasmania 1899-1903, 1909, 1909-12. He did not seek election to the Commonwealth Parliament.
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