Baroud is a 1932 British-French adventure film directed by Rex Ingram and Alice Terry and starring Felipe Montes, Rosita Garcia, and Pierre Batcheff. Actor Paul Henreid debuted in a small role. The film was released in separate French and English-language versions, the latter sometimes known by the title Love in Morocco.[1]

Directed byRex Ingram
Alice Terry
Produced byRex Ingram
Mansfield Markham
André Weill
Written byRex Ingram
Peter Spencer
Benno Vigny
André Jaeger-Schmidt
StarringFelipe Montes
Rosita Garcia
Pierre Batcheff
Music byJack Beaver
Louis Levy
CinematographySepp Allgeier
Léonce-Henri Burel
Marcel Lucien
Paul Portier
Edited byLothar Wolff
Distributed byIdeal Films (UK)
Gaumont Film Company (France)
Release date
  • 18 November 1932 (1932-11-18)
Running time
79 minutes
United Kingdom

It was the final film of Ingram, a leading Hollywood director of the silent era, and the last film appearance by Alice Terry, a leading Hollywood star of the silent era and Ingram's wife. The title is the Berber word for war.


It is set in French Morocco. Two soldiers in the Spahis, one a Frenchman and the other the son of a chief allied to the French, are friends, but quarrel when the Frenchman becomes romantically involved with the other's sister. They join forces again to repulse an attack by a hostile tribe.


English version

French version

  • Philippe Moretti as Si Allal, Caïd d'IIllouet
  • Rosita Garcia as Zinah, la fille de Si Allal
  • Pierre Batcheff as Si Hamed, le fils de Si Allal, Maréchal des Logis de Spahis
  • Roland Caillaux as André Duval, Sergent de Spahis
  • Arabella Fields as Mabrouka
  • Andrews Engelmann as Si Amarock, Chef de tribu rebelle
  • Georges Busby as Lakhdar
  • Richard Gaillard as Capitaine Labry
  • Colette Darfeuil as Arlette


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