Barons Court Theatre

Barons Court Theatre is a small theatre of only 57 cinema style seats located in the basement of The Curtains Up public house in Comeragh Road in West London. Founded in 1991, the Barons Court Theatre features a programme of short-run plays and afternoon magic shows that are frequently changed.[1]

The artistic director is Ron Phillips, and recent productions include Sophocles's Antigone, Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment, Hardy's Tess of the d'Urbervilles, Ibsen's A Doll's House, Shakespeare's Richard III & Shakespeare's Women.[2] Noted performers who have performed at the theatre include Sara Kestelman in Bitter Fruits of Palestine.

The theatre also hosts The Magic Cavern, a theatre show of magic and illusion. Performances are held every Sunday for 52 weeks of the year and are presented by international magician Richard Leigh. In April 2018 it also saw the first Barons Court Theatre Festival, hosted by Pentire Street Productions.[3]


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