Baron Wake of Liddell

Baron Wake of Liddell is an abeyant title in the Peerage of England. It was created in 1295 for John Wake. It has been in abeyance since 1408.

John Wake

John Wake was born in 1268, the son of Balwin Wake and Hawise de Quincy.[1]

He campaigned in Gascony between 1288 and 1297.[1] He campaigned against the Scots between 1297-1300.[1] To this he was appointed Joint Captain of March of Scotland in Cumberland and Westmoreland in 1297. He fought at the Battle of Falkirk (1298).

He was married Joan de Fenes by 24 September 1291. She was allegedly daughter of Sir John FitzBernard, of Kingsdown, Kent or William de Fenes/Fiennes, a Spanish Count, and Blanche de Brienne, Dame de La Loupelande.[1] Joan de Fiennes was possibly a relative of Edward I. She died just prior to 26 October 1309.

John Wake, 1st Lord Wake, was created baron by writ of summons to Parliament on 24 June 1295.[2] He died circa 10 April 1300.[1]

Through his mother, John Wake, 1st Baron Wake of Liddell was a great-great-grandson of King John of England. He was great-grandfather of Richard II of England.

The family claimed descent from Hereward the Wake's daughter by his second wife, Alftruda.[3]

Children of John Wake, 1st Lord Wake and Joan de Fiennes:[1]

  1. John Wake died bt 1320 - 1349
  2. Thomas Wake, 2nd Lord Wake born c 20 Mar 1297/98, d. fr 30 May 1349 - 31 May 1349
  3. Margaret Wake, born c 1300, d. 29 September 1349[4]

Barons Wake of Liddell (1295)


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