Baron Haden-Guest

Baron Haden-Guest, of Saling in the County of Essex, is a title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. It was created in 1950 for the Labour Party politician Leslie Haden-Guest. He had previously represented Southwark North and Islington North in the House of Commons. His third son, the fourth Baron (who succeeded his half-brother in 1987, who in his turn had succeeded his brother in 1974), was a United Nations official for many years.

The title has been held by his son Christopher Guest, the fifth Baron, who succeeded him in 1996. Christopher Guest is a film director, writer, actor and musician, married to the actress Jamie Lee Curtis, who is therefore the current Lady Haden-Guest.

Barons Haden-Guest (1950)

Anthony Haden-Guest, the current baron's older half-brother, was born out of wedlock hence was not in the line of succession. As the current baron's children are adopted (and likewise not in the line of succession), the heir presumptive is the present holder's brother, The Hon. Nicholas Haden-Guest (b. 1955).

Coat of arms

ARMS: Sable two flaunches or, three Welsh triple harps in fess counter-changed.

CREST: A caladrius displayed sable, beaked, legged and charged on the breast with a sun in splendour or.

SUPPORTERS: Dexter, a leopard sable semée or roundels and grasping in the interior paw a quill or; Sinister, a leopard or semée sable roundels and grasping in the interior paw a quill sable.

MOTTO: Non nobis solum nati sumus (Not for ourselves alone do we come into the world).


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