Barnaby and Me

Barnaby and Me is a 1978 Australian TV movie about a girl and her talking koala Barnaby who are pursued by criminals.[1] The film was produced by Transatlantic Enterprises in association with Six Flags, presented as the theme park company's first foray into the movie business.[2]

Barnaby and Me
Directed byNorman Panama
Produced byMatthew Herman
Written byJames Henerson
StarringSid Caesar
Juliet Mills
Hugh Keays-Byrne
Sally Boyden
Distributed byABC
Release date
Running time
90 mins

Australian singer Sally Boyden turned down the chance to tour with Liberace to make the movie.[3] John Newcombe has a cameo where he plays a game of tennis against Caesar.[4]


Additionally, Rangi Nicols plays Ko, a native of the mysterious outback colony of Happy Valley. John Newcombe also appears as himself in a scene where competes with Barnaby in a frenzies match on the court.[5]


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