Bardon Park

Bardon Park is a park overlooking the Swan River in Maylands, suburb of Perth, Western Australia.[2] It is considered one of Perth's most picturesque parks.[3]

Bardon Park
LocationMaylands, Western Australia
Coordinates31.93583°S 115.8894°E / -31.93583; 115.8894
TimezoneAWST (UTC+8)
Other informationGeoname: 8151613[1]

Nearby residents concerned about the park incorporated the Bardon Park Riverside Restoration Group to address weeds in 2016. The park has been managed by the City of Bayswater since 2006.[4]

A nature playground was developed for $175,000 and opened in March 2016. The playground features a rock garden which illustrates "the six Noongar seasons of Birak - the first summer, Bunuru - the second summer, Djeran - autumn, Makuru - the first rains, Djilba - the second rains and Kambarang - flowering."[5] The park is a popular location for Australia Day activities, including watching City of Perth Skyworks.

The Maylands Yacht Club is located on the edge of this park.

The terrain around Bardon Park is flat.[n 1] The highest point nearby is 45 meters above sea level, 1.0 kilometres northwest of Bardon Park.[n 2] Around Bardon Park it is densely populated with 982 inhabitants per square kilometre.[6] The nearest larger society is Perth, 3.2 kilometres southwest of Bardon Park. The area around Bardon Park contains unusually many named bays and beaches.[n 3][1]

Around Bardon Park, it is essentially urban.[7] The climate in the area is 19 . Average yearly in the neighbourhood is 19 °C. The warmest month is January, when the average temperature is 28 °C, And the coldest is June, with 11 °C.[8] Average annual precipitation is 820 millimeter. The rainy month is July, on average142 mm rainfall, and the driest is January, with 11 mm precipitation.[9]


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