Barchmann Mansion

Barchmann Mansion (Danish: Barchmanns Palæ) is a Baroque style town mansion overlooking Frederiksholm Canal in central Copenhagen, Denmark. Built in the early 1740s, it is also known as also known as Wedell Mansion (Danish: Wedells Palæ) after the Wedell family who have owned it since 1982.

Wedell Mansion
Wedells Palæ
The mansion seen from Prince's Bridge
General information
Architectural styleBaroque
LocationCopenhagen, Denmark
Coordinates55.6740°N 12.5772°E / 55.6740; 12.5772
Construction started1740
OwnerBendt Wedell
Design and construction
ArchitectPhilip de Lange


The house was built in 174041 by Philip de Lange for affluent Jacob Barchmann. Barchmann did not live in it himself but rented it out to foreign envoys.[1] The original building was extended in 1748, first along the canal and a little later along Ny Kongensgade.

After Barchmann's death in 1764, his wife continued to live in the house until 1782 when it was sold to John Brown, a grocer and ship owner, who took up residence there. After his bankruptcy in 1788, the property was sold once again but who acquired it remains unclear. In 1811, it was purchased by the industrious landowner Jacob Brønnum Scavenius and in 1898 by the Treschow family.[2]

In 1923, the house came on the hands of the Wedell family when Inger Wedell née Krag-Juel-Vind-Frijs inherited the property from her father, Count Mogens of Frijsenborg.

In 1926, the house was divided into two separate properties when Borup Folk High School moved into 24 Frederiksholms Kanal.[2] Since 1982, the remaining part has been owned by the Krag-Juel-Vind-Frijs/Wedells family.[3]


The mansion is a three-winged building in two storeys under a mansard roof. The principal facade faces Ny Kongensgade. The original building is seven bays towards the canal and nine towards the street. It is built in red brick and decorated with sandstone pilasters in the giant order, cornice, decorations and a portal. The facade to the right of the portal covers the stables to obtain the symmetry required by the Baroque style.[4] The lateral wing away from the canal is narrow and therefore only has a half mansard. It has two carriage gates and a low mezzanine

The extensions added seven bays along the canal and three bays along the street. The extension along the canal also has pilasters, but in red brick instead of sandstone, and the cornice is omitted.[4]

The building was altered by Thorvald Jørgensen in 1903. The two main wings towards Frederiksholms Kanal and Ny Kongensgade, were listed in 1818 and the listing was extended to include the lateral wing in 2000.[1]

The Wedell Mansion today

Since 2008 the building has been owned by Bendt Wedell, the second largest private land owner in Denmark, whose other holdings include Wedellsborg and Frijsenborg in Jutland.[5] The Borup Folk High School is still based at 24 Frederiksholms Kanal.

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