Barbara J. Bain

Barbara Jane Bain is a haematologist and professor at the Imperial College Faculty of Medicine, and consultant at St Mary's Hospital, London.

Barbara J. Bain
ResidenceUnited Kingdom
Academic work
InstitutionsImperial College Faculty of Medicine
St Mary's Hospital, London


Barbara Bain grew up in Australia and was educated in Maryborough, Queensland.[1] She took the exams of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. She went to England in late 1971 to further her career abroad,[2] and after some time back in Australia, in Brisbane, returned to the UK. One reason for choosing haematology as her speciality was that it combined laboratory and clinical work.[2] Influential mentors in her career were Sir John Dacie, David Galton and, later on, Daniel Catovsky.[3]

She says her main interests are diagnostic haematology, writing and teaching.[3] She has published various teaching materials and frequently-reissued textbooks as well as numerous other academic writings.

She was part of the International Working Group on Morphology of MDS and also in the group which devised the 2008 WHO classification of tumours of the lymphoid haematopoietic systems.[4]

She has translated two editions of an Italian work on the morphology of the blood,[5] and gives Italian as one of her hobbies. Art history, visiting art galleries and the study of St Sebastian are other interests of hers.[3]


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