Banijay Group

Banijay Group is a French global production and distribution company creating content in all genres for television and multimedia platforms founded in January 2008 by Stéphane Courbit as Banijay Entertainment.

Banijay Group
Banijay Entertainment (2008-2011)
PredecessorZodiak Media (2007-2016)
Founded2008 (2008) in Paris, France
FounderStéphane Courbit
Area served
Key people
Stéphane Courbit (Chairman)[1]
Marco Bassetti (CEO)
Peter Langenberg (COO)
Marie Schweitzer (EVP Strategy and Business Development)
Sophie Kurinckx (Group CFO)
Nicolas Chazarain (Group Chief Legal Officer)
OwnersLDH (67%)
Vivendi (33%)

Through its labels, Banijay Group brings together and the strategic partnerships developed with talents and entrepreneurs around the world, the company is present in 16 territories in Europe (France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Russia and Finland), the United States, Asia (including India), Australia and New Zealand.[2]

Banijay's merger with Zodiak Media, completed in February 2016, made the company the largest independent content producer in the world with revenues of around $1 billion.[3] Its catalogue of more than 20,000 hours of content across all genres, 50% of which is third party programming from independent producers and networks, is distributed globally by Banijay Rights.[4][5] In 2019, the company announced to acquire Endemol Shine Group with its catalogue increasing to 90,000 hours of content across all genres and nearly 200 film and TV production companies.[6]

Chaired by Stéphane Courbit and led by Marco Bassetti (which in past was Endemol's CEO), Banijay Group is controlled by LDH (67%) and Vivendi (33%).


Banijay Group (initially Banijay Entertainment), is the result of successive acquisitions of production companies driven by French entrepreneur and TV producer Stéphane Courbit (LOV Group).

In October 2008, Banijay acquired Air Productions, the production company of famous French host Nagui. In 2009, Banijay made three acquisitions: 51% of Spanish production company Cuarzo Producciones on 12 January,[7] 50% of German producer Brainpool TV on 2 July[8] and the entire television division of Copenhagen-based film studio Nordisk Film on 12 October.[9] In March 2010, Banijay acquired American production company Bunim/Murray Productions for an undisclosed amount.[10]

In September 2012, Banijay acquired a majority stake in Australian production company Screentime, which included a New Zealand division (Screentime New Zealand) and a 49% stake in Irish producer Shinawil which was sold in 2015.[11] That same year, French 24/7 celebrity news television channel Non Stop People and popular French television host Cyril Hanouna's H2O Productions company became new members of the Group,[12] followed in 2013 by Italian producer Ambra Multimedia[13] and Spanish independent producer DLO Producciones.[14]

In April 2014, Banijay launched Banijay Studios North America in Los Angeles, California, the United States.[15] On 9 January 2015, Banijay acquired Stephen David Entertainment, a New York City-based producer of television dramas and documentaries, expanding its North American presence.[16] and later expanded its Non Stop People television channel to Spain.[17]

In July 2015, Banijay Group announced that it would merge with Zodiak Media, making the former the world's only largest television content production and distribution company not owned by a media conglomerate, as other large television content companies are owned by media conglomerates (Fremantle is owned by Bertelsmann via RTL Group, ITV Studios is owned by ITV plc, Endemol Shine Group is a joint venture between The Walt Disney Company and Apollo Global Management and All3Media is a joint venture between John C. Malone-controlled companies Liberty Global and Discovery, Inc.). The merger was completed in February 2016.[18][19]

Since then, Banijay Group continues to grow, both internally and externally.

In July 2017, Banijay Group acquired British producer Castaway Television Productions.[20] In February 2018, it acquired another British producer, 7Wonder.[21]

In June 2018, three new units, Banijay Studios Italy,[22] Banijay Asia[23] and Banijay Productions Germany,[24] were created.

In October 2018, Banijay entered advanced talks to acquire rival Endemol Shine Group,[25] with a deal approved a year later on October 26th, 2019[26].

Banijay Rights

Operating out of London, Paris and Copenhagen, Banijay Rights is the division of Banijay Group responsible for the international distribution of its catalogue of more than 20,000 hours of content across all genres including drama, formats, factual, entertainment and theatrical. 50% of the catalogue is third party programming from independent producers and networks throughout the world.[27] In 2009, Banijay Group creates its international distribution division Banijay International.

Following the merger of Banijay Group and Zodiak Media and that of their catalogues in February 2016, the division becomes Zodiak Rights[28] In January 2017, Zodiak Rights is renamed Banijay Rights.[29] The company is led by Tim Mutimer since February 2016.[30]

Group companies

The Banijay Group companies currently include the following:[31]

  • 7Wonder (United Kingdom)
  • Adventure Line Productions (France)
  • Air Productions (France)
  • Atlantis Film (Italy)[32]
  • Aurora TV (Italy)
  • Banijay Asia
  • Banijay Finland
  • Banijay Italia (formed from merger of DRYMEDIA and Magnolia Italy)[33]
  • Banijay Productions
  • Banijay Productions Germany
  • Banijay Studios France
  • Banijay Studios Italy
  • Banijay Studios North America
  • BlackLight (United Kingdom)
  • Brainpool (Germany)
  • Bunim/Murray Productions (United States)
  • Castaway Television Productions (United Kingdom)
  • The Comedy Unit (United Kingdom)
  • Cuarzo Producciones (Spain)
  • Dlo/Magnolia (Spain)[34]
  • Fearless Minds (United Kingdom)
  • Fortune Cookie (France)[35]
  • Good Times (Germany)[36]
  • GTV Productions (France)[37]
  • H2O Productions (France)
  • ITV Movie (Italy)[38]
  • IWC Media (United Kingdom)
  • Jarowskij (Sweden)
  • KM Production (France)
  • Little Wonder (United Kingdom)[39]
  • Mastiff Television
    • Mastiff Denmark
    • Mastiff Norway
    • Mastiff Russia
    • Mastiff Sweden
  • Neon Ink Productions (United Kingdom)[40]
  • Nonpanic (Italy)
  • Non Stop People (24/7 celebrity news cable television channel; France/Spain)
  • Nordisk Film TV
  • Pineapple Entertainment (Denmark)
  • Respirator (Denmark)
  • RDF Television (United Kingdom)[41]
    • Fizz (United Kingdom)[41]
    • RDF West (United Kingdom)[41]
  • Screentime (Australia)
    • Screentime New Zealand
  • Shauna Events (France)[42]
  • Sol (India)
  • Stephen David Entertainment (United States)
  • Terence Films (France)[43]
  • Touchpaper Television (United Kingdom)
  • Yellow Bird (Sweden)
  • Zodiak Belgium
  • Zodiak Finland
  • Zodiak Media Ireland
  • Zodiak Kids (France/United Kingdom)
  • Zodiak Nederland

Key programmes

EntertainmentFort Boyard, Don't Forget The Lyrics, Popstars, It's Only TV, Beat The Star, Wife Swap, Undressed, Making of the Mob, Wild Things, All Against 1, Stars in Danger
RealityTemptation Island, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Party Workers, 71 Degrees North, The Real World, The Simple Life
KidsMartin Mystery, Totally Spies!, LoliRock, Floogals, Magiki
ScriptedVersailles, Occupied, Wolf Creek
FactualThe Secret Life of 4 Year Olds


At the time of its creation in 2008, Banijay Entertainment's shareholders, alongside Stéphane Courbit (LOV Group),included: Groupe Arnault, AMS Industries and the Agnelli and De Agostini families.

As of 2019, Banijay Group is controlled by a composed of Stéphane Courbit's LOV Group through LDH (67%) with the remaining (33%) owned by Vivendi.


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