Bani Yas

Bani Yas (from Arabic: بَنُو ياس) is a tribal confederation of Najdi origin [1] in the United Arab Emirates. It had a coalition with many other tribes in the region.[2] The tribal coalition which consists of tribes from Dubai to Khawr al Udayd southeast of Qatar, was called the Bani Yas Coalition.[3] The tribe has been led by their rulers, the Al Nahyan, who had their headquarters in Al Dhafra and now in Abu Dhabi (city).[3][4] The ruling family of the United Arab Emirates and Abu Dhabi, Al Nahyan, which is a branch of Al-Falahi, belongs to and rules this tribe, as do the emirs of Dubai, Al Maktoum,[5][6] which is a branch of Al-Falasi.


Bani Yas had close relations with the Dhawahir tribe, which was traditionally at odds with Na’im and Bani Ka’ab in Buraimi Oasis.[7]


Bani Yas consists of several branches,[8] which are:

  1. Al Falahi (Āl Falāḥī آل بو فَلاح)
  2. Al Falasi (Āl Falāsī آل بو فَلاسة)
  3. Al Muhairi (Al Bu Muhair آل بو مهير)
  4. Al Mehairbi (al-Muḥaribī المحاربة)
  5. Al Mansouri (al-manasir المناصير)
  6. Al Mazroui (al-Mazārīʿ المزاريع)
  7. Al Romaithi (al-Rumaithat الرميثات)
  8. Al Hameli (al-Hiwamil الهوامل)
  9. Al Marar (al-Marar المرر)
  10. Al Qubaisi (al-Qubaysī القبيسات) (Al Qubaisat)
  11. Al Swaidi (السويدي)
  12. Al Qumzi (القمزان)

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