Banedanmark (previously Banestyrelsen) is a Danish company responsible for maintenance and traffic control on all of the state owned Danish railway network. Branched off from DSB as a government agency in 1997. From 2004 to 2010 Banedanmark was a state-owned company under the Danish Ministry of Transport.[4][5] In 2010 Banedanmark once again became a government agency under the Danish Ministry of Transport.[6]

Banedanmark - Rail Net Denmark
Government agency
IndustryRail transport
GenreTrack (rail transport)
Area served
All of Denmark
Key people
Jesper Hansen
Revenue885 mio. €[1]
Total assets12.33 bn € [2]
OwnerDanish Ministry of Transport
Number of employees
2,200 (2012) [3]

In 2008, Banedanmark announced plans for the conversion of signalling across the entire national network to European Train Control System (ETCS) Level 2. This was necessitated by the near obsolete nature of parts of the network. In 2009 the Danish government approved funding of €3.3 billion over several years to Banedanmark for the project, with projected completion in 2021. This makes Denmark the first European country to attempt a complete conversion of a national network to ETCS Level 2.[7]


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