Banditi a Orgosolo

Banditi a Orgosolo (Bandits of Orgosolo) is a 1960 Italian film drama directed by Vittorio De Seta. The film stars Vittorina Pisano. De Seta won an Award for the film at the Venice Film Festival.

Banditi a Orgosolo
Theatrical release poster
Directed byVittorio De Seta
Produced byVittorio De Seta
Written byVittorio De Seta
Vera Gherarducci
StarringVittorina Pisano
Music byValentino Bucchi
CinematographyVittorio De Seta, Marcello Gallinelli, Luciano Tovoli
Edited byJolanda Benvenuti
Release date
Running time
98 minutes


  • Vittorina Pisanu ... Mintonia
  • Michele Cossu ... Michele Cossu
  • Peppeddu Cuccu ... Peppeddu Cossu


Michele, a shepherd of Orgosolo unfairly charged with rustling and murder, is forced to take to the hills. In his flight into the inaccessible areas of Barbagia, where there is neither water nor pastures, he loses every sheep in his flock.

One night, desperate because he is full of debts, and with impending trials up ahead, he goes into the sheepfold of another shepherd and, at gunpoint, steals every sheep.

Michele has become a bandit.

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