Banbury District and Lord Jersey FA

The Banbury District and Lord Jersey FA is a football competition based in Oxfordshire, England. The league has a total of four divisions, of which the highest, the Premier Division, sits at level 13 of the English football league system and is a feeder to the Oxfordshire Senior Football League. The league has its own cup competition as well which has been running since 1887, called the Lord Jersey Cup.[1]

Banbury District and Lord Jersey FA
Country England
Level on pyramidLevels 13–16
Feeder toOxfordshire Senior League

Recent divisional champions

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three Division Four
2006–07 Broughton & North Newington Drayton Village Slade Farm Broughton & North Newington Reserves N/A
2007–08 Bodicote Sports KEA ABK Sports Slade Farm United Reserves N/A
2008–09 Bodicote Sports[2] ABK Sports KEA Reserves Deddington Town Reserves N/A
2009–10 Bishop's Itchington Highfield Old Boys FC Naranja ABK Sports Reserves N/A
2010–11 Sinclair United Heyford Athletic Abba Athletic Fenny Compton N/A
2011–12 Bodicote Sports Abba Athletic Highfield Old Boys Reserves Finmere N/A
2012–13 Deddington Town Bishop's Itchington Slade Farm United Woodford United 'B' Heyford Athletic Reserves
2013–14 Heyford Athletic Banbury Rangers Ashton Villa Chacombe N/A
2014–15 Heyford Athletic Kings End Association AFC Bicester Bishop's Itchington Reserves N/A
2015-16 Heyford Athletic Diverse Chasewell Park Bicester United N/A
2016-17 Woodford United AFC Bicester Byfield Athletic King's End Association Reserves Broughton & North Newington Reserves
2017-18 Bishop's Itchington Chesterton Kingsmere United Charlton & District Reserves

Member clubs 2018–19

Premier Division

  • Bishop's Itchington
  • Bloxham
  • Bodicote Sports
  • Charlton & District
  • Chasewell Park
  • Deddington Town
  • Kingsmere United
  • Middleton Cheney Reserves
  • Sinclair United
  • Woodford United 'A'

Division One

  • Ashton Folly
  • Bishop's Itchington Reserves
  • Broughton & North Newington
  • Finmere
  • Halse United
  • Hornton
  • King's Sutton
  • Steeple Aston
  • SWIS
  • Wroxton Sports

Division Two

  • Banbury Galaxy
  • Banbury Rangers
  • Banbury Sports
  • Bicester Hallions
  • Bloxbury Athletic
  • Chacombe
  • Charlton & District Reserves
  • Deddington Town Reserves
  • Hardwick Sports
  • Sinclair United Reserves

Division Three

  • AS Hanwell
  • Bodicote Sports Reserves
  • Brill United
  • Chasewell Park Reserves
  • Finmere Reserves
  • King's Sutton Reserves
  • Kingsmere United Reserves
  • Steeple Aston Reserves
  • SWIS Reserves
  • Wroxton Sports Reserves


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