Balve Cave

The Balve Cave (German: Balver Höhle) is the biggest cave used as a cultural venue in Europe. It is located in Balve, Germany.


The Balve Cave was mentioned in the Thidrekssaga. It has been used by the local Schützenfest (marksmen's festival) each year for over 160 years.

Since 1985 it has also been the venue of an annual theatre festival, the Festspiele Balver Höhle. Its first play was the Katharina von Georgien directed by Hermann Wedekind.In 1991 it staged dramas based on fairy tales festival was installed by Festspiele Balver Höhle. In 1998 the Festspiele Balver Höhle performed their first oriental musical.[1] In 2009 they did their second, "Der kleine Muck".

Semi-professionals and professionals are working together at Irish Folk & Celtic Music,[2] Balver Märchenwochen and other activities of Festspiele Balver Höhle.



  • Christian Bollmann (until 1999)
  • Justus Frantz (1994–2007)
  • Mixery-Cave

Single events

  • Redentiner Osterspiel
  • Mal Sondock's Hitparade
  • Public Viewing [3]
  • Tu es Petrus (1997)



In German

  • Klaus Günther, Die altsteinzeitlichen Funde der Balver Höhle, Aschendorff Verlag, Münster 1964

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