Ballylickey or Ballylicky (Irish: Béal Átha Leice)[1][2] is a village on the N71 national secondary road near Bantry, County Cork, Ireland. The River Ovane flows into Bantry Bay at Ballylickey.


Béal Átha Leice
Location in Ireland
Coordinates: 51°43′30″N 9°26′13″W
CountyCounty Cork
Time zoneUTC+0 (WET)
  Summer (DST)UTC-1 (IST (WEST))


There is a caravan park at Eagle Point.[3][4] The Seaview Hotel is also located in the area.

The area's most prominent building is Ballylickey House, owned by the Graves family for generations and in modern times a hotel[5] and Michelin-starred restaurant.[6]



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