Ballacraine railway station

Ballacraine Halt was an infrequent request stop on the Isle of Man Railway.

Ballacraine Railway Station
Staad Raad-Yiarn Balley Craine
The Isle of Man Railway Co., Ltd.
Former crossing keeper's hut at Ballacraine station
LocationFoxdale Road, Glenfaba,
Isle of Man, IM7 6KL.
Owned byThe Isle of Man Railway Co., Ltd.
Line(s)Peel Line
Between Douglas & Peel
PlatformsOne, Ground Level
TracksOne Running Line
Structure typeGatekeepers' Lodge
Opened1 October 1876
30 May 1927
Closed31 October 1879
30 September 1929
9 September 1968 (As Crossing)


Originally opened in 1876 the halt provided a stopping place for the short walk to Glen Helen until 1879. Later in 1927 the halt was used again mainly by spectators attending the TT Races at Ballacraine.


The Douglas to Peel line closed in 1968 but this location ceased to be a halt in 1929; up until this time it featured infrequently in timetable literature and was only used as a somewhat unofficial drop-of point for spectators viewing the T.T. road races.

The site today

The Steam Heritage Trail now passes through the site, and the former crossing keepers' lodge has been retained, now forming a shelter for walkers.

Preceding station Historical railways Following station
towards Douglas
  Isle of Man Railway   St John's
towards Peel


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  • Station on navigable O.S. map Road junction south of Ballacraine village marked as Scravorley

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