Baldwin Chauderon

Baldwin Chauderon (died 1097) was a knight from Berry who was killed during the siege of Nicaea.[1][2] It is unclear whether or not he belonged to any of the major armies of the First Crusade.

Baldwin was described by William of Tyre as “a rich man and a good knight”[3] and is associated in William's work with Baldwin de Ghent[4] (presumably Baldwin II, Lord of Aalst,[5] part of the army of Robert II of Flanders), and Guy de Possesse[6] of Champagne. All three died on the same day, with the two Baldwins dying of an unknown illness and Guy dying from a stone that the Turks had catapulted onto his head. (Note that other sources say Baldwin de Ghent died when shot by an arrow.)

Their bodies were carried to a church dedicated to St. Simeon by men from Flanders and Burgundy who held a vigil, lighting 30 candles until the sermon the next day. They were buried in a nearby churchyard. The three knights were immortalized in the poem La Chanson d’Antioche.


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