Balabit was a Hungarian security firm specializing in the development of IT security systems and related services that help businesses reduce the risk of data breaches associated with privileged accounts.

Balabit SA
Public limited company
FoundedBudapest, Hungary (2000)
FounderBalázs Scheidler 
Key people

Balabit claims to have more than 1,000,000 corporate users worldwide. The company operates globally with offices across the United States and Europe, together with network of reseller partners.[1]

In January 2018, Balabit was acquired by One Identity[2], a U.S.-based provider of identity and access management solutions.


Balabit was founded in 2000 by Zoltán Györkő (CEO) and Balázs Scheidler (Development Director)

The company's first technology iteration was Zorp, an advanced application layer firewall suite.

After becoming the leading firewall solution in Hungary in 2004 according to IDC, Balabit started to develop additional product portfolios.

In January 2018, Balabit was acquired by One Identity, a U.S.-based provider of identity and access management solutions. The acquisition included all assets, including privileged access management-related solutions, such as privileged session and privilege analytics products, as well as the company's syslog-ng log management solutions.

Log management

1998 syslog-ng Open Source Edition (OSE)

2007 syslog-ng Premium Edition (PE)

2008 syslog-ng Store Box (SSB)

Privileged Access Management

2006 Balabit's Privileged Session Management (formally known as Shell Control Box)

2015 Balabit's Privileged Account Analytics (formally known as Blindspotter)


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