Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant (Our Daughter-In-Law Rajni Kant) is an Indian sitcom television series, which aired from 15 February 2016 to 13 February 2017 on Life OK.

Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant
Written bySameer Garud
Gaurav Sharma
Gauri Kodimala
Kovid Gupta
Nitin Keswani
Rajesh Chawla
Creative director(s)Sanjay Shukla
Theme music composerPrakash Viraj
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes274
Producer(s)Sonali Jaffar
Amir Jaffar
Production location(s)Mumbai
Camera setupSingle-camera
Running time20 minutes approx.
Production company(s)Full House Media
DistributorStar India
Original networkLife OK
Picture format
Original release15 February 2016 (2016-02-15) 
13 February 2017 (2017-02-13)
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Shantanu Kant, a scientist creates a super humanoid robot with the help of his best friend Devendra Bangdu.The robot is named RAJNI, short for "Randomly Accessible Jobs Network Interface", a robot with 10X the power of hulk, a human's body, a pretty face and a brain faster than 100 computers.

The robot was made for saving humans' life. After a few episodes, Shaan made Rajni his wife as he didn't want to take burden of wedding along with his dreams and aspirations of becoming a renowned scientist. The Kant's women doesn't like Rajni as her daughter-in-law due to Rajni's weird behaviour, and also because Surili (Shaan's mom) wanted a classy Bengali girl as her 'bahu' - so, Surili never accepts Rajni as her daughter-in-law by heart. But,the Kant's men always favour Rajni and like her nature.

Many problems arise in the Kant family-some of them come by themselves and some are unintentionally created by Rajni as she doesn't understands humans accurately. But, Rajni always saves the Kants from all these troubles-sometimes with the help of Shaan and Dev. Later Rajni misinterpreted Shaan's command and changed his face by plastic surgery which creates some problems but later all confusions are cleared by Shaan. In the middle of all this, other confusions arises which made Shaan to dismantle Rajni . Kants have gone bankrupt post. Shaan been in USA, returns with his fiancée Ria. The Kant fix the marriage to get their wealth by Ria's rich family.

It is then revealed that Rajni save herself from the factory 5 years ago where she had found an infant on the streets and had decided to adopt him but Rajni wasn't updated with latest technologies. Rajni's adoptive son named as R.A.M, incidentally help Kant's family which was then invited to Kant Nivaas where Ria finds out about Rajni and broke up the alliance. Shaan then decides to divorce Rajni. Meanwhile, the court gives Shaan and Rajni 6 months' time to their marriage.

In these 6 months, Rajni wins everyone's,including Shaan's trust back, but later she was proven to be a human by Surili. Soon it gets revealed that the girl was Rajjo, the duplicate of Rajni.

Soon Shaan and Rajjo start developing mutual feelings for each other. Amrish learns about Rajni's truth, he accepts her, but this reunion is stopped by a robot and Rajni left everything and went away for all. While Rajjo behaves like Rajni and was accepted by the Kant Family, thus a happy ending.




  • Neel Motwani as Devendra Bangdu / Dev/ D'Bang (Shaan's best friend and brother-in-law, Shogata's husband)
  • Neha Kaul as Shogata Amrish Kant / Shogata Devendra Bangdu/ Shogu (Shaan's younger sister & Dev's wife)
  • Pallavi Pradhan as Surili Amrish Kant (Shaan's mother)
  • Rajendra Chawla as Amrish Kant (Shaan's father)
  • Vahbbiz Dorabjee as Maggie Gyaan Kant (Shaan's elder sister-in-law)
  • Mehul Nisar as Gyaan AMRISH Kant (Shaan's elder brother)
  • Tanvi Thakkar as Sharmila Dhyaan Kant (Shaan's younger sister-in-law)
  • Pankit Thakker as Dhyaan Amrish Kant (Shaan's younger brother)
  • Sweety Walia as Bubbles Kant / Bubbles Amartya Chattopadhyay (Shaan's paternal aunt)
  • Sumit Kaul as Amartya Chattopadhyay (Shaan's maternal uncle)
  • Anokhee Anand as Aishwarya (Kant family's servant)
  • Aryan Prajapati as R.A.M Shantanu Kant (Rajni's son)
  • Shiny Doshi as Samaira Ghosh (Shaan's ex-girlfriend)
  • Suhaas Ahuja as Matthew Hudson / Makrand (Shaan's boss)
  • Krishna Bharadwaj as Balwanth (Maggie's younger brother)
  • Aly Goni as Virat Batra (husband of Poonam, claims to be Rajni's husband)
  • Abhilash Kumar as Vikram Oberoi (Ria's brother)
  • Piya Valecha as Ria Oberoi (Shaan's fiancée)
  • Palak Dey as Kuhu Gyaan Kant



The show aired on Life OK and is being aired again on Star Bharat. It airs also on MBC 2 (Mauritius) in Mauritius.

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