Baharul Islam (actor)

Baharul Islam is an Indian theater actor.[1] An alumnus of the prestigious National School of Drama, Baharul has acted in more than 80 plays, designed and directed 30 plays for his theater troupe Seagull.[2] He is one of the busiest theatre artists in Assam.[3] He had joined NSD in 1987.

Baharul Islam
বাহাৰুল ইছলাম
Goalpara, Assam, India
OccupationActor, theatre artist, director
Spouse(s)Bhagirathi Bai Kadam

Personal life

Baharul Islam is married to Bhagirathi Bai Kadam also and alumnus of National School of Drama along with him. He has two daughters.[4]


He started his career with theater in Assam and soon rose into prominence in India and abroad. In 1992-93 joined "TARA ART" of London as an actor for the production of the play Heer Ranjha.[5] The play rehearsed in London and thereafter extensively toured UK and Japan performing many shows.[6] Baharul learnt theater music from B V Karanth and Bhaskar Chandervakar respectively.[2] His first movie was a Aasene Kunuba Hiyat and latest was Rodor Sithi.[7]

He has directed and played in almost 80 Assamese plays and one among them is Jatra.[8] Also designed and directed almost 30 plays for SEAGULL- his own theater troupe. He has four years experience in commercial mobile Theatre (Bhrayamaman) in Assam as an actor. Performed almost 1200 shows with 16 plays.

He also wrote and Published 4 books.

  • Akanto Monere
  • Simar Sipare
  • Beyond the Obvious
  • Khiriki Khuliyei

All books have been published by Seagull Theatre Publication wing.

  • KISU KATHA KISU NATAK -a collection of his 6 plays and its production processes (2012) has been published by Publication Board of Assam, Govt of Assam.

Award and recognition

He received Manohar Singh Award 2005 instituted by the National School of Drama approved by Ministry of Culture, Govt of India for path-breaking work in theater.

  • Sanskriti Samman from Eka ebong koekjon publication, Guwahati,
  • Natyaprobor Award from Sharadakanta Bordoloi smriti committee, Nowgaon in 2011.
  • Bishnu Basu Smriti Samman by Bratyajon theatre, Kolkata in 2012.
  • Badal SIrcar Rang Ratan Award 2015 from FACT Rang Mahoul Begusarai, Bihar.
  • Harishankar Parsai Rashtriya Rang Samman 2016 by Vibechana Rang Mandal, Jabbalpur, MP
  • Habib Tanvir Ras Rang Samman 2016 from Ras Kala Manch ROHTAK
  • Natyaratna Ugra Mena Award 2017 from Ankuran Assam
  • Natasurya Phani Sharma National Award 2017 from National Performing Art Association of India.


He has so far acted in more than fifty plays and designed and directed many plays.


Before  joining National School of Drama in 1987.

  • Panimolar bia directed by Khirod Choudhury
  • Opokendrik directed by Karuna Deka
  • Ghorapaak by Karuna Deka
  • Pragya by Karuna Deka
  • Infra Radio scope by Karuna Deka
  • Ankur by Amulya kakati
  • Arya by jayanta Kumar Das
  • Morubhumi by Karuna Deka
  • Mamore dhora toruwal by dulal Roy
  • Holi by Nayan Prasad
  • Ulanga Roja by Abdul Majid
  • Dhoraloi jidina namibo horog by Pulakesh Chetia
  • Geleleo  by Bipin das
  • A solo Swadhin by khirod Choudhury
  • Patharughat  by Debesh Sarma
  • Maharaja By Sanjeev Hazarika
  • Pagala phatek by Abdul Majid
  • Peperar prem by Subheswar Das

During National School of drama (1987-1990)

  • Paanch choronka vesh by Jaydev Hattangadi
  • The Seagull by Ram Gopal Bajaj
  • The Untouchable by Cristine Landon Smith
  • Sohrab Rustom by D R Ankur
  • Father by Prasanna
  • Chankya vishnugupta by Satyadev Dube
  • khisiyani Billi by Barry John
  • Twelve night by Fritz Bennewitz
  • Nal damayanti by B V Karanth
  • comred ka coat by Sanjay Upadhaya
  • Nayak khalnayak vidushak Yogesh Pant
  • Bhaloo by Naresh Chander Lal
  • Miss Julie by Limbajee Bhiwajee
  • Terekuttu

After NSD 1990 to 2019:

  • Abhimonnyu by baharul islam
  • Guwahati Guwahati by baharul islam
  • Gadha Nritya by Bhagirathi Bai Kadam
  • Jatra by baharul islam
  • Nibaran bhattacharya by baharul islam
  • Agnigarh by Anup Hazarika
  • Five tons of love by baharul islam
  • Hansini by baharul islam
  • Akash by baharul islam
  • Swabhav by baharul islam
  • Ram shyam jadu by baharul islam
  • Mechbath  by Bhagirathi Bai Kadam
  • Julius Caesar  by Bhagirathi Bai Kadam
  • Hattamelar hipare by Baharul islam
  • Parashuram by Parag Sarma
  • Court Marshal by baharul islam
  • Madhyabartini  by baharul islam
  • The Green Serpent by baharul islam
  • Saraighat by baharul islam
  • Simar sipare by baharul islam
  • Uttaradhikar by Bhagirathi Bai Kadam
  • Garh by baharul islam
  • Miss Julie directed by baharul islam

Play design & direction

  • Ram Shyam Jadu playwright by Badal Sircar & translated by: Nayan Prasad
  • Ankur playwright by AmulyaKakati
  • Urukha playwright by Karuna Deka
  • Abhimanyu playwright by Karuna Deka
  • Sarishrip playwright by Karuna Deka
  • Saraighat playwright by Karuna Deka
  • Yayati playwright by Girish Karnad, translated by: Naren Hazarika
  • Guwahati Guwahati playwright by Mahendra Borthakur
  • Holi playwright by Mahesh Elkunchwar
  • Patasara playwright by Novel: NabaKanta Baruah Dramatized by: KarunaDeka
  • Anurati Maya (Hindi) playwright by Based on The Seagull, Anton Chekhov
  • Who is Afraid of Virginia Wolf (Hindi) playwright by Edward Albee
  • Bagia Bancharam (Hindi) playwright by Manoj Mitra
  • Seagull (Kannada) playwright by Anton Chekhov
  • Kit playwright by Dr. Shyama Prasad Sarma
  • Baligharar Alahi playwright by Based on the play ‘ King Lear’ William Shakespeare  Translated by: MahendraBorthakur
  • Hey Mahanagar playwright by Mahendra Borthakur
  • Pabitra Paapi (Oedipus) playwright by Sophocles Translated by: Sewabrata Baruah
  • Prem  ( ?) playwright by Mahendra Borthakur
  • Gundaraj playwright by Champak Sarma
  • Tajyaputra playwright by Mahesh Kalita
  • Apekshya playwright by Novel: Mamani Raisom Gowamami Dramatized by:  Baharul Islam
  • Jatra playwright by Story: Imram Hussain Dramatized by: Baharul Islam)
  • Kashmeer Kumari playwright by Ganesh Gogoi
  • Ujir Mangala (Puntila and his man Matti) playwright by Bertolt Brecth Adapted by Naren Patgiri
  • Akash (Assamese/ Hindi) playwright by Dr, Bhabendranath Saikia, Baharul Islam
  • Edal Seujia Saap playwright by Dr. BhrubaJyti Bora, Baharulislam
  • Simar Sipare playwright by Baharul Islam
  • Hatta Melar Sipare playwright by Badal sircar Translated by: Nayan Prasad
  • Seagull playwright by Anton Chekhov
  • Hanseeni playwright by Novel: NabaKanta Baruah Dramatized by: KarunaDeka
  • Five tons of Love playwright by Anton Chekhov
  • Patasara playwright by Novel: NabaKanta Baruah Dramatized by: Karuna Deka
  • Garh (The Rhinoceros) playwright by Eugene Ionesco Translated by: Karuna Deka
  • Sri Nibaran Bhattacharya playwright by Arun Sarma
  • Moi Premar Pinjarat Bandi playwright by Bipulananda Choudhury
  • Miss Julie playwright by Augustus Strindberg Translated by: Baharul Islam
  • Agni Aur Barkha playwright by Girish Karnad Translated by: Amulya kumar Jointly Directed by Baharul Islam & Bhagirathi
  • Madhyabartini (Assamese/Hindi) playwright by Rabindranath Tagore dramatisation by: Naren Patgiri/ Baharul
  • Court Marshal playwright by Swaraj Deepak Translated by: Nayan Prasad
  • Pana Gaoar Tupat Enisha playwright by Baharul Islam
  • Labhita playwright by Jyoti Prasad Agarwala
  • Buddhuram playwright by B V Karanth Translation- Bhagirathi
  • Charandas Chor playwright by Habib Tanvir Translated by: Anup Hazarika & Bhagirathi
  • Sikari playwright by Munin Barua
  • The Nature playwright by based on an article
  • The Customewalla playwright by baharul Islam
  • Godzilla playwright by baharul islam
  • Dhetteri (Bourgeois gentleman) playwright by Moliere
  • Modala gitti playwright by Baharul Islam
  • Swabhavjata playwright by Baharul Islam


As an actor he acted in different Indian languages.

Assamese language

  • SURUJ - directed by Pulak Gogoi
  • SANGKALPA-directed by Hem Bora
  • BHAI BHAI -directed by Biju Phukan
  • PITA PUTRA -directed by Munin Baruah
  • NAYAK- directed by Munin Baruah
  • BAROOD- directed by Munin Baruah
  • DINOBANDHU -directed by Munin Baruah
  • MOROM NODIR GABHORU GHAT- directed by Pulak Gogoi
  • RONGA MODAR- directed by Timothy Hanse
  • ANTHEEN JATRA- directed by Munna Ahmed
  • RAKTBEEZ - directed by Biswajit Bora
  • EZAK JONAKIR JILMIL- directed by Biswajit Bora
  • BAHNIMAAN- directed by Biswajit Bora
  • PHEHUJALI - directed by Biswajit Bora
  • ASENE KUNUBA HIYAT- directed by baharul islam
  • AJANITE MONE MONE - directed by Upakul Bordoloi
  • KANEEN - directed by Monjul Baruah
  • GORU- directed by Himanshu Prasad das
  • GHOST OF MAIKHULI- directed by Pankaj Soram
  • CHANDU -directed by Asim Baishya
  • ULKA - directed by Pranab Vivek
  • APONJON - directed by Gauri Barman
  • THE UNDERWORLD- directed by Rajesh Jaiswal
  • SAAT NOMBOROR DUSHMON- directed by Abdul Majid
  • BAIBHAV- directed by Manju Bora
  • PRATYAHBAAN - directed by Nippon Dhulia
  • SAMIRAN BARUAH AHI ASE -directed by Pradyut Deka

SADRI language
  • MAYA- directed by Rajesh Bhuyan and Pabitra Margherita

Bengali language

  • ALIFA -directed by Deep Choudhury
  • FIVE DAYS WITH A TERRORIST- directed by Arijit Mukhopadhyay

Hindi language

  • KAALSANDHYA  - directed by Bhabendra Nath Saikia
  • MERIT ANIMAL - directed by Junaid Imam
  • DIL BECHARA - directed by Mukesh Chabbra
  • CHAPAK - directed by Meghana Gulzar[9]
  • MAIDAN- directed Amit Sharma
  • PEPPER CHICKEN - directed by Ratan Sil Sharma
  • DHUWA SE DHUWA TAK (short feature) - directed by Biswajit Bora

Kannada language

  • HOOMAALE - directed by Nagathihelli Chandrashekhar
  • KOTTA - directed by M S Satthyu



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