Bagdad Bypass

The Bagdad Bypass is a proposed bypass of the Midland Highway, through Bagdad, Tasmania. While not a new proposal, the idea began gaining momentum on the release of the Southern Transport Investment Program in 2007. The road will be initially constructed as a two-lane highway with extra earthworks undertaken to facilitate future duplication of the bypass. The road will be constructed as a grade separated highway and has been designed to seamlessly connect to the Brighton Bypass. In 2010, the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources released 2 potential alignments for public comment. Neither design existed wholly within the existing proclaimed corridor and ultimately, a combination of the two designs was chosen to minimize intrusion into townships while at the same time keep construction costs to a minimum by diverting the future highway away from areas that would require significant earthworks.[1][2]

Bagdad Bypass

General information
TypeHighway  (Proposed)
Length16 km (9.9 mi)
Route number(s) National Highway 1
Major junctions
South end Brighton Bypass (Midland Highway, National Highway 1)
North end Midland Highway (National Highway 1, Dysart)
Major settlementsBagdad
Highway system

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