Back Streets of Paris

Back Streets of Paris (French: Macadam) is a 1946 French drama film directed by Marcel Blistène.

Back Streets of Paris
Original release poster
Directed byMarcel Blistène
Produced byFrench and BUP Tucherer
Written byJacques Viot
StarringPaul Meurisse
Simone Signoret
Music byJean Wiener
Marguerite Monnot
CinematographyJacques Feyder
Edited byIsabelle Elman
B.U.P. Française
Distributed byRégina
Release date
27 November 1946 (France)
Running time
100 minutes


This story involves Madame Rose, a hotelkeeper in a Paris suburb who will stop at nothing, including murder. Other characters include one of her former accomplices who carries a suitcase full of cash, a kindhearted street vendor, the gangster's mistress, and the landlady's daughter, Simone, who dreams of a better life.


  • Françoise Rosay: Ms. Rose, the owner of the hotel Bijou
  • Paul Meurisse: Victor Menard, former accomplice of Madame Rose
  • Simone Signoret: Gisèle
  • André Roanne: Marvejoul
  • Andrée Clément: Simone, Madame Rose's daughter
  • Jacques Dacqmine: Francois, the kindhearted street vendor
  • Paul Demange: Marcel the hairdresser
  • Jeannette Batti: Mona
  • Marcelle Rexiane: The bar owner
  • Liliane Lesaffre: A tattler
  • Yvonne Yma: An inmate's wife
  • Georges Bever: Armand
  • Félix Oudart: Leon
  • André Nicard: The sheets thief
  • François Joux: An inspector
  • Richard Francœur: The butler
  • Jean Berton: Gazon
  • Roger Vincent: The gentleman from Le Mans
  • Franck Maurice: An agent
  • Félix Clément
  • Max Simone: The laundress
  • Jacqueline Fontaine
  • Marcel Rouze
  • Paul Barge
  • Maurice Cartier
  • Pierre Juvenet
  • Charles Deschamps
  • Georges Dietrich

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