Baba Aiso Varr Dhoondo

Baba Aiso Varr Dhoondo is an Indian television series that aired on Imagine TV from 20 September 2010 to 12 April 2012. It was written by Raakesh Paswan, Vandana Tiwari, Manoj Tripathi, Shilpa Choube, Susheel Choube, Mamta Kashyap, Raghuvir Shekhawat, and Nikhilesh Sharma. The producers were Saurabh Tewari and Abhinav Shukla for Nautanki Films.[1][2][3]

Baba Aiso Varr Dhoondo
Created byRaakesh Paswan
Written byRaakesh Paswan
Vandana Tiwari
Manoj Tripathi
Shilpa Choube
Susheel Choube
Mamta Kashyap
Raghuvir Shekhawat
Nikhilesh Sharma
Directed byIsmail Umarr Khan
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of episodes399
Producer(s)Saurabh Tewari
Abhinav Shukla
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time24 minutes
Production company(s)Nautanki Films
Original networkImagine TV
Picture format576i
Original release20 September 2010 (2010-09-20) 
12 April 2012 (2012-04-12)

Plot Summary

Baba Aiso Varr Dhoondo is a story based on a woman called Bharti (Juhi Aslam) and the hardships she has to face because of her short height. Bharti's father the rich and affluent, Rupesh Chauhan (Shailesh Datar) finally finds a suitable match in the poor Murli Laal (Vikrant Massey), who saves Bharti whilst she is getting thrown up in the air by a crowd of men on a wedding of a friend of bharti's called Neelam. After seeing that Bharti's father gets impressed by Murli of his he saves bharti and gets into a massive fight with the men bharti's father decides to send a proposal to bhansi Laal murli' father to accept bharti for their son murli. So then one day rupesh chauhan went to murli's house to invite them to his house just for something then as he got them to come rupesh Chauhan then blurts out that he wants to get bharti married to murli and be their youngest daughter in law on hearing that everyone gets shocked in the laal family especially murli then murli gets angry and runs back home and refuses to marry bharti and rupesh is once again disappointed. Then family problems occur that murli comes to know he is everyones half brother and murli's younger sister veena needs to get married but they are low on money which makes Gaushala who is murli's sister in law forces murli to get married to bharti and with all the chaos murli decides to get married to bharti for his sister's wedding. But after the wedding the chaos get more for murli and bharti when veena is getting married to mirdangs friend prakash and bharti realises that prakash isn't the right man for veena so on the wedding bharti breaks the wedding the whole laal family hate her and after all the problems and fights bharti asks murli for a divorce and then bharti and murli are now divorced


  • Juhi Aslam as Bharti Chauhan / laal [4][5]
  • Vikrant Massey as Murli laal (Mirdang and Dumroo's youngest brother and Veena's older brother and Bhansi laal and Kamal Laal's youngest son).
  • Shailesh Datar as Rupesh Chauhan (Bharati's father)
  • Madhavi Gogate as Dhara Chauhan (Bharati's mother)
  • Darpan Srivastava as Murari laal - Murli's uncle
  • Meenakshi Sethi as Chimti aka Chimti naani - mother of Gaushala and Jhumka
  • Darshan Kumar as Mridang Laal (Murli's older brother middle brother).
  • Ashita Dhawan as Gaushala Mridang Laal
  • Rahul Trivedi as Dumroo Laal( the eldest brother of Mirdang and Murli and veena).
  • Tanvi Thakkar as Jhumka Dumroo Laal - Dumroo's wife
  • Shailesh Gulabani as Karthik - Murli's cousin brother
  • Reshmi Ghosh as Ashthami - Karthik's wife and Murli's cousin sister-in-law
  • Priya Bathija as Sudha - cameo
  • Nupur Alankaar as Manju - mother of Pari and Kopal
  • Tabrez Khan as Vihaan Laal - Murli and Bharti's eldest son
  • Raj Singh as Aditya laal - Murli and Bharti's youngest son
  • Aditi Tailang as Kopal Vihaan Laal(Bharti and Murli's eldest daughte in law).
  • Shalini Sahuta as Pari Aditya Laal( Bharti and Murli's youngest daughter in law).
  • Anmol Singh as Rimjim Laal - daughter of Jumka and Dumroo Laal
  • Kanika Kotnala as Jasmine Laal (daughter of mirdang and Gaushala).


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