BSC Preussen

BSC Preussen was an ice hockey team in Berlin, Germany. They played between the first and fourth level of German ice hockey from 1983-2005.

BSC Preussen
CityBerlin, Germany
Franchise history
1983-1995Berliner Schlittschuh-Club Preussen
1995-1996Preussen Devils
1996-2002Berlin Capitals
2002-2004BC Preussen
2004-2005Berliner Schlittschuhclub Preussen


Preussen was founded in 1983 in West Berlin.[1] They started out playing in the 2nd Bundesliga, and won the league championship in 1988, and were thus promoted to the 1. Bundesliga.[2]

When the Deutsche Eishockey Liga replaced the 1. Bundesliga in 1994, Preussen continued playing there until they were relegated in 2002. Due to financial difficulties, the club dropped all the way to the Regionalliga, the fourth level of German ice hockey. The club's stay in the Regionalliga lasted just one season, as they won the league, and were promoted to the Oberliga.

After the 2004-05 season, Preussen folded.


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