BLNO is Norway's premier professional men's basketball league. It was established in 2000.

Current season, competition or edition:
2017–18 BLNO season
Inaugural season2000–01
No. of teams8
Country Norway
Most recent
Centrum Tigers
(2nd title)
Most titlesAsker Aliens
(5 titles)


There are 11 teams in the BLNO. Foreign players are allowed on all teams, but a maximum of two Americans are allowed on the court at a time. Also, a minimum of two Norwegian players are required on court by the rules.


The following 8 clubs competed in the BLNO during the 2011–12 season:

in 2011–12
First season in
top division
Number of seasons
in top division
First season of
current spell in
top division
Top division
Last title
Ammerud Basket72007–0852007–08n/a
Asker Aliens22000–01122000–0172014–15
Bærum Basket52006–0762006–0712012-13
Centrum Tigers42001–0222011–1212015-16
Frøya Basket12009–1032009–1012011–12
Gimle Basket62007–0852007–0812013-14
Tromsø Storm32000–01122000–01n/a

Former members

First season in
top division
Number of seasons
in top division
Top division
Last title
Bergen Bulldogs2001–021n/a
Bærums Verk Jets2000–01512003–04
Fjellhamar Stallions2006–073n/a
Frøya Ambassadors2002–033n/a
Harstad Vikings2000–011012005–06
Kongsberg Penguins2000–017n/a
Kristiansand Pirates2000–019n/a
Oslo Kings2000–01212000–01
Ulriken Eagles2000–011122008–09
Vålerenga Kings2002–031n/a


Season Champion Result Runner-up
2000–01Oslo Kings3–2Kongsberg Penguins
2001–02Asker Aliens3–0Kongsberg Penguins
2002–03Asker Aliens3–0Harstad Vikings
2003–04Bærum Basket3–2Harstad Vikings
2004–05Asker Aliens3–0Harstad Vikings
2005–06Harstad Vikings3–2Asker Aliens
2006–07Ulriken Eagles3–1Harstad Aliens
2007–08Asker Aliens3–0Harstad Vikings
2008–09Ulriken Eagles3–2Tromsø Storm
2009–10Asker Aliens3–1Tromsø Storm
2010–11Bærum Basket3–2Tromsø Storm
2011–12Frøya Basket80–78Asker Aliens
2012–13Bærum Basket81–65Tromsø Storm
2013–14Gimle Basket102–68Ammerud Basket
2014–15Asker Aliens81–75Bærum Basket
2015–16Centrum Tigers85–71Tromsø Storm
2016–17Centrum Tigers87–74Gimle Basket
2017–18Kongsberg Miners2–1Asker Aliens
2018–19Kongsberg Miners2–1Gimle Basket


Most Valuable Player

Year Player Position Nationality Team
2011–12 Stian Mjos PG  Norway Bærum Basket
2012–13 Gerald Walace F  United States Tromsø Storm
2015–16 Mike Bruesewitz F  United States Bærum Basket
2016–17 Juan Ferrales PG  United States Kongsberg Miners
2017–18 Aksel Bolin F  Norway Asker Aliens

Finals MVP

Year Player Position Nationality Team
2011–12 Miilah Kombat F  Norway Frøya Basket
2013–14 Audun Eskeland PG  Norway Gimle Basket
2014–15 Anders Stien SG  Norway Asker Aliens
2015–16 Roy Nwachukwu F  Norway Centrum Tigers
2016–17 Aksel Bolin F  Norway Centrum Tigers
2017–18 Brian Voelkel F Ireland Kongsberg Miners

Young Player of the Year

Year Player Position Nationality Team
2011–12 Magnus Midtvedt G  Norway Asker Aliens
2012–13 Marko Lepovic SG  Serbia Centrum Tigers
2014–15 Johannes Dolven F  Norway Bærum Basket
2015–16 Harald Eika Frey PG  Norway Centrum Tigers
2016–17 Lars Fredrik Espe PG  Norway Gimle
2017–18 Mikal Gjerde SG  Norway Kongsberg Miners

Defensive Player of the Year

Year Player Position Nationality Team
2011–12 Anthony Lee-Ingram F  United States Asker Aliens
2012–13 Delano Thomas PF  United States Gimle
2015–16 Eric Gilchrese G  United States Ammerud Basket
2016–17 Eric Gilchrese G  United States Bærum Basket
2017–18 Fred Thomas G  United States Kongsberg Miners
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