BBC Gardeners' World

BBC Gardeners' World is a monthly British gardening magazine owned by Immediate Media Company, containing tips for gardening from past and current presenters of the television series Gardeners' World.[1]

BBC Gardeners' World
Total circulation
(Jan-June 2016)
Year founded1991
CompanyImmediate Media Company
CountryUnited Kingdom

History and profile

BBC Gardeners' World was established in 1991.[1] The magazine is part of Immediate Media Company[2] and is published on a monthly basis.[1] It often has offers on plants, free supplements and giveaways. Copies are sold at newsagents and by subscription.

The circulation of BBC Gardeners' World was 237,650 copies for the first half of 2013.[3] Its circulation dropped to 219,222 copies for the first half of 2014.[2]


Contributors have included:


A trade show and floral exhibition, Gardeners' World Live, promoted by the magazine, is held every June at the National Exhibition Centre near Birmingham. Presenters from the show usually make guest appearances.

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