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B4U is a television network focused on Bollywood based entertainment. The network operates the six channels B4U Music, B4U Movies, B4U Kadak, B4U Bhojpuri, B4U Aflam and B4U Plus which are at present available on more than 8 different satellites, in more than 100 countries in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia.[1] In addition the company operates B4U Motion Pictures, which is a media and entertainment production subsidiary.

Broadcast area
Launch date
September 1, 1999 (United Kingdom)
3 September 2000 (India)
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Company history

In 1999, the newly formed network launched B4U Movies and B4U Music in the UK on the Sky Digital platform as a subscription package along with Sony Entertainment Television.[2] In 2001, the network went on to launch the channels in the United States and Canada and the Middle East by the end of the year.

By 2000, B4U had established itself as a leading brand in Bollywood entertainment for the Indian Diaspora.[3] The launch was surrounded in controversy, with rival network Zee TV claiming that B4U had stolen its database of subscribers in the UK. The B4U management claimed that they had got hold of the database from ex-employees and has been using it to send mailers promoting its service.[4] As well as expanding into Europe, Africa and Asia, the network debuted in India to popular acclaim. B4U brand awareness increased after the company signed a deal with FTV to broadcast Indian fashion shows throughout the world. The network also became involved in local level promotions like showing Indian fashion shows in theatres, promoting new faces and organising fashion shows and contests throughout India and the world.[5] The Network gained further international attention and acclaim after winning 9 Promax Awards in 2001.[6] By this time the B4U company was a main rival to Zee TV and Sony in the Indian broadcasting market. The network then ventured into movie production in 2002, co-producing all films produced by iDream.[7] In addition the B4U network started to produce much more local content for the various local versions of its channels.

Television Channels

B4U Today

The network has a strong presence in Indian culture and is one of the 'Big Three' Indian television networks to operate worldwide. The B4U brand is now well known over the world, with the network staging many high-profile events such as the Times of India new talent searches, and the Mayor of London's annual Diwali Festival in Trafalgar Square.[8]

B4U Films

B4U Films (alternatively named, B4U Productions Plc. )is a wholly owned subsidiary of B4U TV Ltd. (B4U), Mumbai based media and entertainment production company. It was started in 1997, and handles the motion picture production and distribution of B4U.

B4U Films produces films in Bollywood as well as in Punjab, where it partners with other leading film studios. They distribute Lollywood movies as well.

It first produced, Bhai, which starred Suniel Shetty, Kader Khan and Kunal Khemu. Bhai failed at the box office, but later helped with the home-production of Bollywood 1957 classic movie, Mother India. In 2015 they started distributed Pakistani Films by distributing Karachi Se Lahore worldwide. The latest film, they had distributed was Mahira Khan starred Pakistani romantic comedy film 7 Din Mohabbat In.

List of B4U films













  • Bhai (co-production with The Culture Company)



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