The B.Delta is a family of bulk cargo ships designed by Deltamarin.[1]


Generally, the B.Delta design has a relatively wide beam and shallow draft; with a combination of low fuel consumption and high deadweight.

The exact specification varies, but a recent order for handysize B.Delta37 carriers featured:[2]

  • 179.99m length
  • 30m beam
  • 10.5m Scantling draft
  • 17.6mt daily consumption at 14 knot service speed
  • 38,500t deadweight
  • 50,000m³ cargo capacity

Other larger and smaller variants include the B.Delta25, B.Delta43, B.Delta64, B.Delta82 and B.Delta210.


The ships are built in several third-party shipyards following Deltamarin's design. Over 120 B.Delta ships have been ordered, including 21 orders for B.Delta37 ships built by Yangfang Shipyard.[3]


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