Böda is a village (småort) in Böda socken, Borgholm Municipality, on the island of Öland, Sweden. Close to the Baltic Sea and giving access to sandy beaches, it is a popular tourist destination.[1]

Böda comprises several villages and small towns, including Kyrketorp with Böda church, Bödahamn (Böda harbor, at the southern end of Bödabukten, a bay), and Mellböda (which has a youth hostel[2]). Bödahamn has a fishing port and marina as well as a sea rescue station. North and west of Böda is the state-owned Böda kronopark. Several camp sites are located near the white, sandy beach of Böda Sand on the Baltic sea, "one of the island's best sandy beaches".[2]


  • 1960: 227
  • 1960: 213
  • 1990: 144
  • 1995: 120
  • 2000: 101
  • 2005: 100
  • 2010: 109[3]


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