The Awarai (Warray) are an indigenous Australian people of the Northern Territory.


The Norwegian explorer Knut Dahl wrote down a short list of vocabulary of the Awarai language.


The Awarai tribal lands took in some 1,400 square miles (3,600 km2) of territory, between Mount Shoebridge and the Central Tableland.[1] Their northern boundary was 46 miles south of Darwin,[lower-alpha 1] on the Darwin River near the Adelaide–Darwin railway line and 10 miles north of Rum Jungle. The southern limits were at Brocks Creek, where their border met that of the Awinmul.[3]

Social organization

The Warai had arrangements to supply the Wogait with women for marriage.[4]


According to Norman Tindale, they stood in fear of the Agigondin horde of the Wulwulam, which however incorporated them eventually as a subtribe.[3]

Alternative names

  • Warai, Warei, Warrai
  • Awarrai, Awarra[5]

Some words

  • nguk (1) tobacco )2) shit.[6]


  1. 'Between some tribal areas there is a seemingly neutral zone or strip where members of more than one tribe may travel without the imputation of trespass. Parkhouse (1936:18) has drawn attention to one such belt between the Larakia tribe whose southern boundary ostensibly lies at Darwin River, 43 miles (74 km.) south of Darwin while the northern boundary of the Awarai horde of the Wulwulam is on a branch of the Finniss River 54 miles (86 km.) south of the same place.'[2]


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