Avignon Film Festival

The Avignon Film Festival (created 1984), also known as the Avignon/New York Film Festival or Rencontres Cinématographiques Franco-Américain d'Avignon, took place every year in Avignon, France along with a twin film festival organised in New York. It was last held in 2008.


Avignon Film Festival was created to promote French/American independent cinema through previews, retrospectives and round-tables.

An award ceremony encouraged young film directors to participate in the festival. The purpose was to bring together independent filmmakers from the United States, France and other European countries. Their mission was to encourage deeper understanding and appreciation for contemporary, thought-provoking cinema by showcasing the work of innovative filmmakers. Feature films, short films and documentaries were presented in French, English and other European languages. Every French film was subtitled in English, and European films in English or French. Film directors, producers and screenwriters could join the discussions about their work with the public.

In 1993 the Harvard Film Archive invited the organisation to co-produce the first American edition of Rencontres Cinématographiques franco-américaines d'Avignon. In 1994, the founder, Jérôme Henry Rudes, launched the Avignon/New York Film Festival at the Angelika Film Center in Manhattan. The festivals were held in June and November. The term "Avignon Film Festival" was born in 2000 due to the extension of the program to Europe.


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