Avi Kushnir

Abraham Yeshayahu (Avi) Kushnir (Hebrew: אבי קושניר, born 26 August 1960) is an Israeli comedian, actor and host.

Avi Kushnir
Born (1960-08-26) 26 August 1960
Occupationcomedian, actor and host

Early life

During high school Kushnir studied at the youth village HaKfar HaYarok.[1] Afterwards, during his mandatory military service, Kushnir served in an Infantry unit. After his army service Kushnir worked as a stagehand and later on began directing plays.


His professional career as an actor began in the early 1980s when he began performing in stand up shows. In 1985 Kushnir hosted the Festigal, an annual Israeli singing show alongside Gadi Yagil.

In 1987, while he was 27 years old, Kushnir represented Israel in the 1987 Eurovision Song Contest along with Nathan Dattner, as part of the comedic duo HaBatlanim (lit. The Bums), with the comical song Shir Habatlanim which ended up in the 8th place.[1]


Film and Television

Year Show/Film Role Notes
1983 "Parpar Nehmad"[1] Guest role Children's show
1983 "HaChatul Shmil"[2] Guest role Children's show
1985 Banot[3] Rami film by Nadav Levitan
1986 "Alex Holeh Ahavah" Motke Boaz Davidson's cult film
1986 "Battle of the Committee" ("הקרב על הוועד") HaGashash HaHiver's trilogy series
1986 "Plumber" ("האינסטלטור") Mickey Bahagan's film
1986 "The Great Obsession" ("השיגעון הגדול") Naftali Alter's film
1989 "Avoda BaEinayim" ("עבודה בעיניים"). Yigal Shilon's hidden camera film also starring Nathan Dattner
1988-1998 "Zehu Ze!" variety of characters Israeli skit show
1990 "Tzipi Bli Hafsaka" (ציפי בלי הפסקה) Avi children's TV series
1999 "Kushnir's show" himself TV series directed by Adi Binyaminov.[1]
2001-2011 "Ha-Chaim Ze Lo Hacol"[4] Gadi Neumann Israeli sitcom
2002-2003 "Madrich Kushnir" (מדריך קושניר, lit. "Kushnir's Guide"). host travel show on Channel 2
2004 "Metallic Blues".[3] also starring Moshe Ivgy
2004 "Ratzim LaDira" (רצים לדירה) host Israeli reality show
2004 "Bemdinat HaYehudim" documentary TV show on history of Jewish humor
2005-2011 Israeli edition of "Dancing with the Stars" host
2006 "Love & Dance" (סיפור חצי רוסי).[3] Rami Eitan Anar's film
2007 "The Israelis" (הישראלים) Israeli skit show
2006 "Grease" host reality TV show
2013-2014 "Raid the Cage" host game show
2015 "Zirelson goes to Pension" Adult Zirelson Filmed in 2011


Year Play Role Notes
All My Sons but Naomi Beit Lessin Theatre
Black Comedy Beit Lessin Theatre
A Guest Has Arrived Beit Lessin Theatre
The Twins of Venice Beit Lessin Theatre ("להציל את איש המערות")[1]
Saving the Caveman Beit Lessin Theatre
The Frivolity and Hypocrisy Beer Sheva Theatre
The Taming of the Shrew Beer Sheva Theatre
Yitush BaRosh Beer Sheva Theatre
Gorodish Cameri Theatre Kushnir
2001 A Funny Thing Happened Cameri Theatre Kushnir
The Fantastic Francis Haifa Theater Kushnir
2005 The King and the Cobbler Habima theater
Mechabeset Tola ("מכבס תולה") Original show created by Kushnir
HaMoch HaGavri("המוח הגברי") Original show created by Kushnir

Personal life

Kushnir is married and has two sons and a daughter. Kushnir's son Yotam is an actor, and he has played among others in the TV series "Alifim" (אליפים).


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