Avesta AIK

Avesta AIK is a Swedish football club located in Avesta, Sweden.[1]

Avesta AIK
Full nameAvesta Allmänna Idrottsklubb
ChairmanJan Ingemar Hagman
Head CoachMats Widlund
CoachJonas Blomqvist
LeagueDivision 3
2015Division 2 Norra Svealand, 14th (Relegated)


The club was founded in February 1905 as Avesta Absolutisters Idrottsklubb. The name was changed to Avesta Allmänna Idrottsklubb in 1916. The club now only participates in football but over the years has undertaken many different sports such as bandy, table tennis, boxing, athletics, gymnastics, skiing and bowling. The club has grown from 24 members at its inception to over 800 members at the present day.[2]

Since their foundation Avesta AIK has participated mainly in the upper and middle divisions of the Swedish football league system. The club currently plays in Division 3 Södra Norrland which is the fifth tier of Swedish football.[3] They play their home matches at the Avestavallen in Avesta.[4]

Avesta AIK are affiliated to Dalarnas Fotbollförbund.[5]


Avesta AIK has competed in the following divisions:

SeasonLeagueLevel PlaceComment
2012Division III, Södra Norrland5 8 
2011Division III, Södra Norrland5 8 
2010Division IV, Dalarna6 1Regional league of Dalarna. Promoted to Division III
2009Division IV, Dalarna6 5Regional league of Dalarna
2008Division IV, Dalarna6 3Regional league of Dalarna
2007Division III, Södra Norrland5 11Relegated to Division IV
2006Division II, Norra Svealand4 12Relegated to Division III
2005Division III, Södra Norrland 43Promoted to Division II
1997–2004Regional leagues
1996Division III, Södra Norrland 412Relegated to Division IV
1995Division III, Södra Norrland 47 
1994Division III, Södra Norrland 43 
1993Division III, Södra Norrland 48 
1992Hösttrean, Södra Norrland 43 
Division II, Södra Norrland – vår3 8Relegated to Hösttrean
1991Division III, Södra Norrland 41Promoted to Division II
1974–1990Regional leagues
1973Division III, Norra Svealand 310Relegated to Division IV
1972Division III, Norra Svealand 38 
1971Division III, Norra Svealand 39 
1970Division III, Norra Svealand 35 
1969Division III, Norra Svealand 34 
1968Division III, Norra Svealand 39 
1967Division II, Svealand212Relegated to Division III
1966Division II, Svealand29 
1965Division III, Norra Svealand 31Promoted to Division II
1964Division III, Norra Svealand 32 
1963Division II, Svealand210Relegated to Division III
1962Division II, Svealand28 
1961Division II, Svealand26 
1960Division II, Svealand24 
1959Division II, Svealand29 
1957/58Division III, Norra Svealand 31Promoted to Division II
1956/57Division II, Svealand2 11Relegated to Division III
1955/56Division III, Norra Svealand 31Promoted to Division II
1954/55Division III, Norra Svealand 32 
1953/54Division II, Svealand2 10Relegated to Division III
1952/53Division III, Norra3 1Promoted to Division II
1951/52Division III, Norra3 4 
1949/50 – 1950/51Regional leagues
1948/49Division III, Norra3 8Relegated to Division IV
1947/48Division III, Norra3 2 
1946/47Division II, Norra28Relegated to Division III
1945/46Division II, Norra22 Best result so far, finishing only one point behind the league winner and a possibility to qualify for Allsvenskan
1944/45Division II, Norra27 
1943/44Uppsvenska Sydvästra3 1Promoted to Division II
1942/43Division II, Östra210Relegated to Division III
1941/42Uppsvenska Sydvästra3 1Promoted to Division II
1940/41Uppsvenska Sydvästra3 1 
1939/40Uppsvenska Västra36 
1938/39Uppsvenska Västra35 
1937/38Uppsvenska Västra38 
1936/37Uppsvenska Västra35 
1935/36Uppsvenska Västra36 
1934/35Uppsvenska Västra33 

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In recent seasons Avesta AIK have had the following average attendances:

Season Average Attendance Division / Section Level
2004 Not available Div 4 Dalarna Tier 5
2005 160 Div 3 Södra Norrland Tier 4
2006 161 Div 2 Norra Svealand Tier 4
2007 99 Div 3 Södra Norrland Tier 5
2008 Not available Div 4 Dalarna Tier 6
2009 88 Div 4 Dalarna Tier 6
2010 130 Div 4 Dalarna Tier 6
2011 119 Div 3 Södra Norrland Tier 5
2012 126 Div 3 Södra Norrland Tier 5

* Attendances are provided in the Publikliga sections of the Svenska Fotbollförbundet website and European Football Statistics website.[9] [10]

The attendance record was set in 1961 when 4,498 people attended the match with IK Brage.[11]


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