Austria at the 1900 Summer Olympics

Austria competed at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris, France. Austrian and Hungarian results at early Olympics are generally kept separate despite the union of the two nations as Austria-Hungary at the time.

Austria at the
1900 Summer Olympics
NOCAustrian Olympic Committee (in German)
in Paris
Competitors13 in 3 sports
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1906 Intercalated Games

13 Austrian competitors entered 3 disciplines, with 19 entries across 10 events.


Medal Name Sport Event
 SilverKarl RuberlSwimmingmen's 200 metre backstroke
 SilverOtto WahleSwimmingmen's 1000 metre freestyle
 SilverOtto WahleSwimmingmen's 200 metre obstacle event
 BronzeSiegfried FleschFencingsabre
 BronzeMilan NeralićFencingmasters sabre
 BronzeKarl RuberlSwimmingmen's 200 metre freestyle


One Austrian athlete competed in two events, not winning any medals in the sport.

Athlete Events Final
Result Rank
Hermann Wraschtil 1500 m Unknown 6
2500 m steeplechase Unknown 5
  • Some records show that a Cornelius von Lubowiecki was in the team to compete in the discus throw, but there is no record of him making a throw.


Rider Events Final
Result Rank
Hermann Mandl Jumping Unknown Unknown
High jump Unknown Unknown
Long jump Unknown Unknown


Austria competed for the second time in fencing at the 1900 Games. The Austrian saberists won a pair of bronze medals, the nation's first medals in the sport.

Athlete Event Round 1 Quarterfinal Repechage Semifinal Final
Rudolf Brosch Men's foil Advanced by jury Sent to Repechage by jury Advanced by jury 4th Q 8th
van der Stoppen Advanced by jury Not advanced by jury Did not advance
Heinrich Rischtoff Not advanced by jury Did not advance
Siegfried Flesch Men's sabre Top 4 in group n/a 3rd in group Q
Heinrich von Tenner Top 4 in group n/a 2nd in group Q 7th
Camillo Müller Top 4 in group n/a 2nd in group Q 8th
Harstein Top 4 in group n/a Not in top 4 Did not advance
Milan Neralić Men's masters sabre Top 4 in group n/a 4th in group Q


Athlete Events Semifinal Final
Time Rank Time Rank
Karl Ruberl 200 m freestyle 2:22.6 1 Q 2:32.0
Otto Wahle 2:35.6 1 Q DNS
Richard von Foregger 4:32.0 4 Did not advance
Karl Ruberl 200 m backstroke 2:56.0 1 Q 2:56.0
Otto Wahle 1000 m freestyle 15:27.0 2 q 14:43.6
Alois Anderlé 400 m freestyle 1:26:25.6 4 q DNF
Karl Ruberl 200 m obstacle event 3:06.0 2 Q 2:51.2 4
Otto Wahle 2:56.1 1 Q 2:40.0
Athlete Event Seconds Metres Score Rank
Alois Anderlé Underwater swimming 22.4 23.50 69.4 13


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