Australian Sport Awards

The Australian Sport Awards originally called the Sport Australia Awards were established by the Confederation of Australian Sport in 1980.[1] From 1980 to 1996, the awards were limited to seven categories. In 1993, there was a merger of the Sport Australia Awards and the ABC Sports Award of the Year.[2]

Dawn Fraser Award was introduced in 2000 to reflect the achievements and standing of Dawn Fraser in Australia and on the international sporting stage.[3]

Major athlete awards

YearDawn Fraser AwardFemale Athlete of the YearMale Athlete of the YearTeam of the Year
1980Not awardedMichelle Ford (Swimming)Alan Jones (Motor racing)Australian Men's 4 × 100 m Medley Relay (Swimming)
1981Not awardedVicki Hoffman (Squash)Geoff Hunt (Squash)Australia men's national field hockey team (Kookaburras)
1982Not awardedLisa Curry (Swimming)Robert de Castella (Athletics)Australian Youth Soccer Team
1983Not awardedJan Stephenson (Golf)Robert de Castella (Athletics)Australia II (Sailing)
1984Not awardedGlynis Nunn (Athletics)Jon Sieben (Swimming)Australian Olympic Men's 4000m Pursuit Team (Cycling)
1985Not awardedAdair Ferguson (Rowing)Jeff Fenech (Boxing)Australian national rugby union team (Wallabies)
1986Not awardedDebbie Flintoff (Athletics)Greg Norman (Golf)Australian Men's Eight Crew (Rowing)
1987Not awardedKerry Saxby(Athletics)Wayne Gardner (Motorcycle racing)Australia men's national field hockey team (Kookaburras)
1988Not awardedDebbie Flintoff-King (Athletics)Duncan Armstrong (Swimming)Australia women's national field hockey team (Hockeyroos)
1989Not awardedKerry Saxby (Athletics)Allan Border (Cricket)Australia national cricket team
1990Not awardedHayley Lewis (Swimming)Steve Moneghetti (Athletics)Australia national cricket team
1991Not awardedShelley Taylor-Smith (Swimming)Simon Fairweather (Archery)Australian Men's Coxless Four (Rowing)
1992Not awardedKathy Watt (Cycling)Kieren Perkins (Swimming)Australian Men's Coxless Four (Rowing)
1993Not awardedMichelle Martin (Squash)Gary Neiwand (Cycling)Australia national cricket team and Men's 4000m Pursuit Team (Cycling)
1994Not awardedSamantha Riley (Swimming)Kieren Perkins (Swimming)Australia women's national field hockey team (Hockeyroos)
1995Not awardedSamantha Riley (Swimming)Michael Doohan (Motorcycle racing)Australia women's national field hockey team (Hockeyroos)
1996Not awardedJackie Gallagher (Triathlon)
Susie O'Neill (Swimming)
Michael Doohan (Motorcycle racing)Australia women's national field hockey team (Hockeyroos)
1997Not awardedCathy Freeman (Athletics)Michael Doohan (Motorcycle racingAustralia women's national field hockey team (Hockeyroos)
1998Not awardedSusie O'Neill (SwimmingMichael Klim (SwimmingAustralia women's national field hockey team (Hockeyroos)
1999Not awardedLouise Sauvage (Athletics)Ian Thorpe (Swimming)Australia national cricket team – International
Melbourne Storm (NRL) – National
2000Karrie Webb (Golf)Karrie Webb (Golf)Ian Thorpe (Swimming)Australian national rugby union team (Wallabies) – International
Essendon Football Club (AFL) – National
2001Sarah Fitz-Gerald (SquashSarah Fitz-Gerald (Squash)Ian Thorpe (Swimming)Australian Women's Four (Rowing) – International
Brisbane Lions (AFL) – National
2002Pat Rafter (Tennis)Alisa Camplin (Freestyle skiing)
Sarah Fitz-Gerald (Squash)
Lleyton Hewitt (Tennis)Australia national cricket team – International
Brisbane Lions (AFL) – National
2003Michael Milton (Skiing)Layne Beachley (Surfing)Ricky Ponting (Cricket)Australian Davis Cup Squad (Tennis) – International
Brisbane Lions (AFL) – National
2004Petria Thomas (Swimming)Jodie Henry (Swimming)Ian Thorpe (Swimming)Australia men's national field hockey team (Kookaburras) – International
Port Adelaide Football Club (AFL) – National
2005Grant Hackett (Swimming)Leisel Jones (Swimming)Grant Hackett (SwimmingAustralia men's national soccer team (Socceroos) – International
Sydney Swans (AFL) – National
2006Casey Stoner (Motorcycle racing)Libby Lenton (Swimming)Cadel Evans (Cycle racing)Australia national cricket team – International
Geelong Cats (AFL) – National


Young athlete awards

YearYoung Female Athlete of the YearYoung Male Athlete of the YearYoung Team of the Year
1980Debbie Flintoff (Athletics)Larry Kleist (Sailing)Australian Junior Squash Team
1981Anne Minter (Tennis)Grant Kenny (Surf life saving)Australian 16 & Under Tennis Team
1982Kerri-Anne Connor (Paralympic swimming)Pat Cash (Tennis)Australian Schoolboys Rugby Union Team
1983Julie Kent (Diving)Darren Clark (Athletics)National Youth Soccer Team
1984Robyn Friday (Squash)Dean Woods (CyclingAustralian Junior Men's Squash Team
1985Cindy-Lou Fitzpatrick (Swimming)Robert Waller (Cycling)Australian Junior Women's Squash Team
1986Jessica Crisp (Sailing)Miles Murphy (Athletics)Australian Schoolboys Rugby Union Team
1987Sarah Fitz-Gerald (SquashJason Stoltenberg (Tennis)Australian Girls 16 & Under Tennis Team
1988Pauline Menczer (Surfing)Michael Diamond (Shooting sport)Australian World Youth Netball Cup Team
1989Shelley Gorman (Basketball)Michael Diamond (Shooting sport)Australian Junior Women's Rowing Team
1990Hayley Lewis (Swimming)Rohan Robinson (Athletics)Australian Women's Triathlon Team
1991Hayley Lewis (Swimming)Tim Forsyth (Athletics)Australian Women's Youth Basketball Team
1992Lynette McKenzie (Surfing)Tim Forsyth (Athletics)Australian Women's Junior Coxless Pair
1993Louise Sauvage (Athletics)Brad McGee (Cycling)Australian Women's Youth Basketball Team
1994Kasumi Takahashi (Gymnastics)Brad McGee (Cycling)Australian Junior 4000m Pursuit Cycling Team
1995Sarah Blanck (SailingLuke Roberts (Cycling)Australian Women's Junior Squash Team
1996Rachel Linke (Cycling)Taj Burrow (Surfing)Australian Junior 4000m Pursuit Cycling Team
1997Rachael Marshall (Cycling)Grant Hackett (Swimming)Australian U21 Men's Hockey Team
1998Jelena Dokic (Tennis)Ian Thorpe (Swimming)Australian Athletics Men's 4 × 400 m Relay Team (Athletics)
1999Georgie Clarke (Athletics)
Lori Munz (Swimming)
Grant Hackett (Swimming)Cycling Olympic Sprint Team
2000Lauren Jackson (Basketball)Aaron Baddeley (Golf)Australian 21 & Under Netball Team
2001Giaan Rooney (Swimming)Grant Hackett (Swimming)Australian U/19 Men's Softball Team
2002Jana Pittman (Athletics)Todd Reid (Tennis)Australian U19 World Cup Cricket Team
2003Lisa Mathison (Cycling)
Nerissa Wright (Water skiing)
Nick Flanagan (Golf)Australian Junior Track Cycling Team
2004Liesel Jones (Swimming)Michael Ford (Cycling)470 Team Elise Rechichi / Tessa Parkinson (Sailing
2005Libby Lenton (Swimming)Chris Noffke (Athletics)Australian Junior Men's Downhill Mountain Bike Team
2006Josephine Tomic (Cycling)Travis Meyer (Cycling)Junior Track/Road Cycling World Championship Team


Coaching, administration and officiating awards

YearCoach of the YearSports Executive of the YearSports Official of the Year
1980Lindsay Gaze (Basketball)Phil ColesNot awarded
1981Bill Sweetenham (Swimming)John RaschkeNot awarded
1982Charlie Walsh (CyclingLeslie MartynNot awarded
1983Frank Stanton (Rugby league)John DedrickNot awarded
1984Charlie Walsh (CyclingVerlie SeagroveNot awarded
1985Alan Jones (Rugby union)James BarryNot awarded
1986Reinhold Batschi (Rowing)Brian EmeryNot awarded
1987Richard Aggiss (Field hockey)Robert McMurtrieNot awarded
1988Laurie Lawrence (Swimming)Graham Halbish
Adrienne Smith
Not awarded
1989Johnny Lewis (Boxing)Bill PalmerNot awarded
1990Craig Hilliard (Athletics)Alan AtkinsNot awarded
1991Ju Ping Tian (Gymnastics)Noeleen DixNot awarded
1992Noel Donaldson (Rowing))Steve HaynesNot awarded
1993Charlie Walsh (Cycling)Rod McGeochNot awarded
1994Charlie Walsh (Cycling)Bob McCulloughNot awarded
1995Scott Volkers (Swimming)Martin WhiteleyNo awarded
1996Ric Charlesworth (Field hockey)Russell WithersNot awarded
1997Ric Charlesworth (Field hockey)Robert ElphinstonNot awarded
1998Jill McIntosh (Netball)Perry CrosswhiteDonald Prior (Field hockey)
1999Doug Frost (Swimming)Rob CurkpatrickMaureen Boyle (Netball)
2000Ric Charlesworth (Field hockey)Lois ApplebyBill Harrigan (Rugby league)
2001Darren Cahill (Tennis)Robert BradleyReg Brandis (Athletics)
2002Shayne Bannan (Cycling)John O'NeillSharon Kelly (Netball)
2003Leigh Matthews (AFL)John O'NeillBill Harrigan (Rugby league)
2004Barry Dancer (Field hockey)Graham FredricksDavid Tillett (Sailing)
2005Paul Roos (AFL)David GallopBill Mildenhall (Basketball)
2006Norma Plummer (Netball)Brian CookBarbara Morgan (Lifesaving)


Other awards

YearSports Media AwardBusiness Innovation AwardSport Export Award
1997Bruce McAvaneyNot awardedNot awarded
1998Ron ReedNot awardedNot awarded
1999Roy MastersPMSI GroupAV Syntec
2000Karen TigheAV SyntecCleanevent
2001Karen TigheIsoSport Kinetic Pty LtdSportstec Pty Ltd
2002Special Broadcasting ServiceTour de France coverageGolf BioDynamics Pty LtdCroker Oars Pty Ltd
2003ABC Radio2003 Rugby World Cup coverageAV Syntec Pty LtdRonstan International Pty Ltd
2004Channel Ten – Motor Sports coverageNot awardedNot awarded
2005Special Broadcasting Service2006 World Cup QualifierSKUD18 (Vic)Not awarded


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